How to Keep Laptop In Better Conditions & Performance

So, it’s been a very long time that we gossiped over the prior topic of Computers (Laptops) and now, when I have recalled it again, let’s see what more we can do with our Computer Systems. Today, we are going to discuss on – How to keep our Laptops in Better Condition and Performance by using recommended accessories.

Well, there are many things that can be done with your Laptops in good conditions to have the Best Performance through it. Below you can see a list of options and their brief information how they works and why should we use Laptop Accessories.

Cooling Pad – (Supports USB)

The very 1st thing that should be used is Cooling Pad, as this lets our Laptops to work at a Lower Temperature and keeps it cool by providing direct air below the Laptop’s ventilation points. It is experienced personally that laptop user using these cooling pads has very least chance of getting Laptop Damaged due to heating problems and saves Motherboard overheating faults too.

Laptop Key-Guard

The Very next thing which can be used to keep Laptops Clean & Safe is using a Laptop Key-Guard. A Key-Guard which is made up of a Silicon Rubber and allows seeing the keys through which doesn’t makes typing difficult for the user. Not only this but this Silicon Key-Guard is designed in such a way being kept over the Laptop Keypad it doesn’t let’s heat to gather and thus, doesn’t damages the Laptop Atmospherically.

Laptop Keygaurd

This Key-Guard is made up of such a material that is gets stick on the plain surface of Laptops easily and are anytime easily removable if gets dirty. Another good thing about this Key-Guard is that it is fully washable so that whenever you seem it is dirty you can remove and wash it again and again and apply back to the Laptop.

Display Cleaning Kit

The Display Cleaning Kit is comprised of 3 things “Brush, Soft cloth & Solution”. The brush is used to remove the soft dust from all Hard Surfaces and later the Solution must be sprayed on the cloth first and then softly clean the Display. This lets you to enjoy the Best Display Results ever and ever.

Lamination Sheets

Well, this is the thing which most of the people uses commonly throughout their Laptops, but, this must be used externally only i.e. Backside of Display and Bottom of Laptop (optional) leaving the open cuts and space open again.

Some uses Lamination on the Keypads or on the Screens of Laptop which must be avoided as this will increase the Hardware Problems only by heating up the Display and CPU of the System. They are not meant for the Screen or for keypads. For that you can use Key-Guard & Display Cleaning Kit mentioned above.

External – Keyboards & Mouse

Every Laptop Machine has USB slots to connect things via USB where ever possible (table sitting). You can/must use External Keyboards and Mouse which helps in increasing the life of Internal Touchpad & Keypad. Not only this but I believe and you can try too that using external Keyboard and Mouse lets you works faster on the machine compared to using Internal Sources.

Internal Keypad and Touchpad are softer in nature and must be used with safety. While Gaming on your Laptop and for other activities a person must connect external to keep Internal Safer. External Connecting devices costs much lesser than the Repair of Internal Sources as well as the Repairing will cause your Machine(s) to be called Repaired and thus Reduces Resale Value.