How to keep yourself always happy and calm? 1 problem with multiple solutions

How to keep yourself always happy and calm? 1 problem 1with multiple solutions


Keeping ourselves happy and calm something which is very simple. We need to understand such small things which take place in our day to day life.

“One cannot feel happy until or unless he/she knows the feeling of being sad”

Let’s say: we are facing problems in life from a very long term and unable to find out solutions for it. At this stage, we need to adapt that particular thing in life and move on and smile and find out other ways of keeping you happy which will keep you calm. Or else just stick to it trying solving out (doesn’t recommended) waste/loose other opportunities of life. Choosing a right path in life is very essential to understand the meaning of life and as well as enjoying life.

Another state: if we are facing such a trouble that cannot be solved, like something cannot be reverted (impossible cases), then again you got the reason to be happy because when there is no other alternative in any case then why to worry about it? At least you are not the person who is facing or failed to sort such thing. If somebody else says that I can do it then, simply hire the person for it and stay happy

Or else

To make your mind feeling happy just think you are Equivalent to James bond (laughing stuff) because at this stage he would also be not able to perform the same thing.

Or finally, you can contact Tom cruise (Mission Impossible – Series killer), because he only has the tendency to make impossible thing in to possible.

>> A beggar can smile whole day but a millionaire cannot is the biggest example of adapting nature and surroundings with your current conditions to keep you happy and feel on the top of the world or beneath the earth’s surface.

At last, but not least, I would like to say that feeling:

“Happy, Sad, Low, Cursed, Glad, Frustrated, Embarrassed, Tensed, Helpless, Great, Rubbish, Etc…”

Are just the feeling expressions which are the result of our brain signals who guides us what to show? Controlling our brains can lead us becoming always happy in life or being always sad in life. Choose what you need for yourself.


This was,

Himanshu Goel

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