How to Save Android Battery Life in Many Ways

Battery life these days is extremely precious, now a days, du to more usage of smartphones I think most of us moves out of the house without considering the level of our Android’s Battery. Devices are used constantly, and it’s no surprise that regular use will exhaust their life ASAP.

Recently, you have been noticed about some reasons that breaks the Battery Life of an Android. In addition,

1) Vibrate Mode

If you are in such a place where you can or you keeps your smartphone aside (out of the pocket), you can save your phone’s battery which is wasted by having vibration mode switched on. Believe it or not, it uses up precious energy right before your eyes… especially when you someone keeps messaging you!

2) Multiple unused Apps Open

Most common thing for guys who Love games and apps, and of-course everyone, but finds your battery life going down?

It’s probably many of you doesn’t closes the app completely due to which the app|games remain open in the background. If you get into a routine of closing down every app you use, soon enough you’ll find your battery lasting that little bit longer.

Android based Gaming Console Controllers

3) Light to dark

The brightness of your screen will affect your battery life i.e. we automatically slides up the brightness of screens without even thinking. But did you know that turning your screen brightness down ever so slightly will help maintain your battery power that little bit longer?

It’s like using Fancy Lamps instead of using a Tube Light to see things better.

4) Choosing Backgrounds

You may think this stupid but the actual fact is that if your smartphone has AMOLED screens which can reduce power usage sevenfold by displaying black instead of white or any other color.

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5) Phone Fiddling

Believe it or not, we’re not joking – try and restrict the amount of time you spend ‘phone fiddling’. Checking emails, texts or apps as a way of passing the time is a sure way of reducing the life from it sooner or later. Stopping phone fiddling can save you hours between charges!

5) Screen Time-out

This is really good feature which is in use by me since I have been using Mobiles, i.e. set your screen timeout to the shortest length possible. (Settings » Sound & display » Screen timeout) This setting tells the device to turn off the screen after the selected period of stand-by i.e. in no use. The setting options vary from phone to phone but I have tried to keep the most common as a hint.

6) Live Wallpapers

Yes they move and look pretty at the same time, but all that energy going into a school of fish swimming around a cat is draining your battery! Maybe just a cute cat photo would be more fitting? Everyone loves a cat. Either way, we’d recommend limiting your live wallpaper usage.

So, if you wanted to enjoy all of the above for much longer, you could look into the efficient Samsung Exynos processor, and energy efficient it most certainly is. Equipped with HMP solution, Mobile Image Compression(MIC) and Widcon technology, Samsung Exynos processor will soon be your new best friend and give you plenty of time to beat your Candy Crush score.

7) Install a Power Management App

If you have Android 2.3 or above, Install a power management app on your device. There are several apps in the Google Play Store that specialize on managing power on Android devices. Most do this by controlling the activation and deactivation of systems on the device that consume power, such as the radio, screen, data and GPS.

Some allow you to select how aggressively the app will control power. Search for “power manager” on the Google Play Store for some examples. If your device is running Android 4.0 or higher, press the “Recent Apps” button, then slide each app left or right until it disappears. If you don’t have a recent apps button, try holding the home button.