How to share and use links in your wordpress blogs or html sites

So you need to learn this !

Sharing and using links are the most important part while creating a beautiful yet powerful blog. One must be aware of using links at the right places to the right targets to get maximum traffic as well as users/visitors interest with providing the complete knowledge of all what they needs.

So now, here you we will discuss and you will know how to use and share links in WordPress blogs or sites using the visual editor as well as text editor method.

Using visual method of linking:

1st Get the URL which has to be linked with a keyword or an image used in your wordpress page or post. And then highlight the word or phrase (see in the above picture) that has to be linked up with the URL or select an image (see in the image below) used in the post or page which has to be linked up with the URL.

Don’t Know: How To Find The Links Attached Or Connected to an word or phrase (see here).

Now, by clicking the visual button as shown in the above image or by pressing {Crtl+Shift+A } together will let you see the image provided below. Paste the URL in the Upper Column And the Title if any and also, if you want the link to be opened in the new window check the open in new window option.

Using Text Editor Method Or Copying HTML Codes:

In HTML Mode linking can be done easily by pasting the <a> tag codes before and after the text source for words as well as images.

For more details about using or creating HTML Codes please visit here

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