How to get benefits by Using YouTube videos & why we should use YouTube videos in Our Blogs Or Sites

Using or sharing videos is equivalent to share the things with the people around the world here at web world. Also a visual display media explains a bit more and faster than any other way. Well,

Why we create blogs? Why We creates websites? Why We create forums?

Its Simple, to share the knowledge with the world, by presenting our results in comparison to their results to choose the best one out of them.

Also, dont forget we do all these things to earn a living too (with help of advertisers)

So, how to get benefits from youtube videos or why we should use youtube videos?

As we all know youtube belongs to google itself, and the google is running with the criteria of serving every single thing available on the web. So, as other services of google like google drive, gmail, google search there is youtube also where you can create your own YouTube channel and upload and share videos publically and/or keep personally.

(Assuming you know how to create & Run a youtube channel or else see here)

Now, see some of the benefits of using youtube videos below:

Best video site:

YouTube is at no.1 currently and hopefully will remain there, and maximum people uses YouTube to search for the video of what they want, whether a funny clip, cartoon, tv shows they missed, some movies, tricks, sports, training etc.

Saves bandwidth & decreases site load:

The video upload on youtube uses the youtube server space which is provided by google means we can trust (my point of view-more than our own server) and whenever our blog or site uses a video to played from there it keeps our server free and our bandwidth lower to increase speed for huge traffics too.

Lets you to earn more:

Uploading videos on youtube than on your own server not only keeps your server space free but also lets you to earn twice by using google adsense (see: what is google adsense)

Double promotion:

Most of people like us uses youtube channel with the name of their respective sites they are running, and adding tags and description directing people to their own sites and blogs. Thus, increases traffic for your own blogs or sites.

Double income:

It is obvious to have double income while using your own uploaded youtube videos on your very own youtube channel. 1st you get income from google adsense account and 2nd it promoted your own site or blog which saves expenses for your advertisements.

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Himanshu Goel

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