James Harrison The Man Who Saved More Than 2.4million babies from Australia

While Surfing Over The Net And Go-ogling All Around For New Things In Last Few Days I Got Some very New Up-Coming Things For All Of Us At www.reliable4you.com , Along With The Specialty Of A Person In Not So Common Way Yes, My Friends Even I Am Not Understanding That What Should I Say About The Personality, Also Known As The Man With The Golden Arm, Who Had Broke All The Record Of Donating Blood Plasma, Called James Harrison, Australia.

James Harrison Has Made His Donations To More Than 1000 Throughout His Lifetime & Have Saved Over Two Million Unborn Babies From Rhesus Disease. Isnt It Great, Well If You Feel Its Great Than Heres Something More Interesting And Shocking Thing About Him. Yes, Guys James Harrison Was Born In 1936 & When He Was 13, He Was Just Scaling Between His Life & His Death. He Had A Major Chest Surgery To Extract A Lung With Metastasized Pneumonia (A Disease So Far To Be Treated With Ease), And Things Also Says That For That Treatment He Required About 13 Ltrs. Of Blood.

Himmat Ae Marda Maddad Ae Khuda i.e. You Will Live Until Its Your Destiny Says You Are Over. So After His Surgery, With The Positive Results He Was In The Hospital For Three Months On The Bed And Just Thinking & Realizing About The Blood Which Had Saved His Life, There He Made A Pledge To Start Donating Blood As Soon As He Turned Eighteen, The Minimum Required Age.

As We Discussed Earlier He Was Born In 1936 And Adding 18yrs, Yes i.e. From 1954, James Harrison Have Started Donating From Then On. After His First Few Donations According To Samples A It Discovered That His Blood Contained A Rare Antibody, Which Prevents Infants Who Receive His Blood Plasma From Dying Of Rhesus Disease, A Form Of The Hemolytic Disease Of The Newborn. As This Was A Very Important And Great Discovery In His Donations That He Was Then Insured For One Million Dollars (Dont Think As Per Today As It Is About The Period Of 60s). Also The Following Research Based On His Donations Created The Anti-D Vaccine.

His Will And Strength To Fight For His Life And Then Fighting For Other Small Babies Lead To Him So Important In Their Lives. Yes, Friends He Saved So Many Small Babies And Made Them To Exist In This Real World Who All (Babies) Were Just Gonna Make It In The Real World. The Small Unknown To World Babies Were Seeking For Their Lives Are Now Able To See Their Lives Due To The Official Support Of James Harrison.

Now, He Became Social Helper/Donor And His Blood Plasma Has Been Given As Treatment To 1/10 Of The Pregnant Women Whose (Unluckily) Blood Was Not Compatible With That Of Their Children. He Started Donating His Blood Plasma With The Regular Basis Of 2-3 Days Gaps And This Lead Him To Reach His 1000th Donation In May 2011. Also, This Results In An Average Of One Donation Every Three Weeks During 57 Years.

Commenting His Then Record Number:

I Could Say It’s The Only Record That I Hope Is Broken, Because If They Do, They Have Donated A Thousand Donations. James Harrison

According To Search Over The Web – His Donations Have Helped To Save Over 2.4 Million Babies With Pregnant Women Being Treated With His Antibodies, Including His Own Daughter Tracey.

Harrison Has Received An Order Of Australia Medal (OAM). He Was Nominated For Australian Of The Year, Though He Did Not Win. In 2011, He Was Nominated In The New South Wales Local Hero Division Of The Australian Of The Year Awards.