Power Of Prayer

We Are A Part Of The Nature and And Of God And To Succeed In Life,

One Must Mix Oneself With Nature And With God. The Connection

B/W Man And The Universe Is Far More Intense Than We Think.


Prayer Means “Talking Of God”. When We Pray, We Link

Ourselves With The Invisible Power That Binds The Universe.

True Prayer Is A Way To Spiritual Life.


In Our Day To Day Life We Kill Our Time By Sitting Here And

There. Iif You Utilize That Time In Prayer, You Will Soon

Notice New Strength And Joy Inside You.


Make Your Prayer Simple And Natural. Talk To God, As

You Would Talk To Your Frnds. Talk To Him In A Simple

Language. He Will Listen To You Whatever Your Problem



If You Pray To God In A Simple Way Then You Will Find

That You Are Contact With An Invisible But Definitepower.


“Begin Your Day With A Prayer……………………..And Make

It So Soulful That It Stays With You Throughout The Day”.

Prashant Sharma