How to submit a sitemap for a html site or a static website to google webmaster tools

What is a sitemap and why does we need it ?

A Map is the best guide to track the route before you move on it. similarly, to get tracking of your site for Google search results we need to set up a sitemap first. this procedure helps in indexing site pages to Google which gives results when search is made for similar content.

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Now, here you will know how to create and submit a sitemap to Google for a static and/or html website, so that Google can easily index our own very site or blog.

Things required to generate a sitemap and submit to Google webmaster tools

  1. Internet Connection To Submit Sitemap – (ha ha ha) okay, Jokes Apart.
  2. You need capability of reading and following the simple procedure step by step.

Step 1 – Creating a Sitemap using online services/ solutions

1. Open this link: Create a XML Sitemap

2. Enter the URL of your site and choose frequency in case of non-static site and needs or is updated regularly or occasionally.

3. finally, Click Start button at last to generate or create a downloadable xml sitemap file.

Now, Click on the download link of sitemap.xml as marked in the image provided.

and, upload the downloaded file into the root directory of the site. (remember if the sitemap if for a sub-domain or sub-directory, upload to that directory only.)

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Step 2 – Submitting the Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools

  1. Login to your google webmastertools account
  2. Click on add a Site button on the right side. (skip this step if you have already added)
  3. Then click over the site name which needs a sitemap to be submitted.
  4. now choose 3rd column showing sitemaps on the right.
  5. click on the add/test sitemap button on the right.
  6. give the path of the sitemap {eg. siteurl is by default and after /sitemap.xml}
  7. then you can test sitemap if you want to test the url provided.
  8. Finally, click submit sitemap.
  9. It’s Done.

Now, Google is with the url’s data of your site and will be displaying in verified search results.