How To Take A Best Snap Shot Picture On Your Computer Print Screen by Himanshu Goel

How Many Of You Know About The Use Of – Print Screen

Yes, The Print Screen Is The Key Which Is Available On Every Kind Of Keyboard Used For Microsoft Windows Whether We Talk About A Desktop Keyboard Or A Laptop Integrated Keyboard.

This Key Allows You To Take A Snap Shot Of Your Computer Screen Whatever It Is Showing Except For The Mouse Cursor Which Is If Pointed On Any Thing. This Is Extremely Powerful Feature That Windows Provides To Us All, As This Lets You To Have That Micro Second Passed Pic Of Your Screen Whatever it was on Screen (Including a Video file with the uninterrupted Picture Quality). For This Powerful Tool You Doesn’t Needs Any Of The Additional Software Or Tools To Snap Out Your Screen Shot. You Can Use It For Taking Snaps From A Video Moving On Your Computer Screen Or A Software Working Or Any Projects Working Like I Am Using It Randomly To Snap Out For Illustration Purposes, Making Presentations, Editing Purposes Etc…

Now, The below Shown Picture Is Created With The Help Of Print Screen Feature But, The Question Arises That Where This Picture Will Go After Using The Button Print Screen ?

Well, When You Uses This Print Screen Feature The Image-1 Is Locked As A Temporary Image Which Can Be Copied To Any Kind Of A Document Which Supports The Picture Image Format I.E. It Can Be Pasted Directly On A MS Office Word File Or A Excel File Or On A PowerPoint File Or The Best I Recommends Is MS Paint (Which I Had Used) Or Any Other, Because This Can Be Applied On A Numerous Of Applications… Well I Have Recommended For MS Paint Because It Is The Best, Lighter, Faster, And Is Available Within Windows With The Great Capability Of Editing, Inserting, Background Adjustments Etc, But What We All Require Is Cropping As The Shot Taken Will Be Of Complete Screen That Your Computer Is Showing And Sometimes Needed To Be Cropped For Few Or More Adjustments Which Paint Also Allows You To Go For But To A Limit. And After That You Can Use Any Picture Editor Like Picture Manager Etc. TO Crop (Image-2 which appears When Mouse Is Kept On Picture)It Finally What You Needed If Content Is Large Enough For MS-Paint Screen

Then, Finally Save The Picture In Your Desired Format & Use The Picture For Whatever Purpose You Needed To Have It…

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