Just Smile To Open Refrigerator (Fridge) Created By (Researchers Team Of Tokyo)

To Feed Your Hunger All What You Need To Do Is Just Give A Smile To Your Refrigerator(Fridge). Ya I Know I Know You Must Be Thinking Have He Gone Mad But Lemme Assure You My Friends I Am Not. Because It Is Completely In Real Like You Might Be Laughing.

Just Smile To Open Refrigerator (Fridge) Created By Sony (Researchers Team) Is A New Concept Created By The Researchers At The University Of The Tokyo, As They Have Developed Such An Fridge Which Opens With Your Smile Only. This Technology Used For This Great Feature Is Called As ” The Happiness Counter” And Due To This The Device Is Known As “Smile Activated Refrigerator“. πŸ˜€

This Is More Like The Feature That Sony Has Already Provided In Its Cyber-Shot Series Known As Smile Detector. Just Like That This Technology, Which Scans A Person’s Face As They Stand In Front Of Their Food Treasure Trove, Detects Whether Or Not They Are Smiling And, Reading Anything Other Than A Big, Cheesy Grin, Makes The Door Difficult To Open. But This Doesn’t Means That You Cannot Open The Door Without Smile, But For That You Need To Tug At It Harder. πŸ˜€

The Motive Of This Technology Can Be Said As “The Happiness Counter Will Naturally Encourage The Act Of Smiling In The Multitude Of Daily Frustrations, Thus Enhancing A Positive Mood And The Communication Of People“. πŸ˜€

Results Tested : The Fridge Might Actually Make Smiling Easier, Too : As The Researchers Conducted Trials To Test Its Effectiveness And Found Participants Were More Likely To Smile Forcefully At Initial Days Of Using It, But Later When Compared To Day 10 People Were Becoming More Capable Of Smiling Naturally. πŸ˜€

This Smiling Feature Can Be Accessed At Many Places Like : “Increasing The Number Of Smiles In The Workplace Will Enhance The Atmosphere For Everyone And They Might Be Able To Produce Some Nice Ideas“. πŸ˜€

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