My Perfect Companion – Kriti Sharma

My Perfect Companion :

My Day Begins With Him,
Its A Good Morning Hug,
He Accompanies Me Wherever I Go,
In Every Situation He Stands By My Side,

Whatever I Am Going Through He Remains With Me,
He Cant Bare Harsh Words For Me,
When Everyone Leave He Comes And Sits In My Lap,
His Glooming Eyes Promise Me He Would Never Leave Me Alone,
He Lies With Me On My Bed,
He Never Denies For Anything Even If Its A 3 A.M Walk,
He Rush Towards Me When I Return,
We Like The Same Thing And The Same People,
We Never Argue,
We Howl When We Are Sad And Laugh When We Are Happy,
Our Two Hearts Beat As One,
He Leads Me When We Walk Together,
He Has A Milky Breathe,
I Kiss His Silky Head,
I Feel That Ice Cold Nose,
He Sits In My Lap,
Hes The Best Companion Anyone Can Ever Get,
He Is My Love,
My Four Legged Bestie,
Scoob, My Dog, My Perfect Companion. 😛