Race of Smart Phones is still Going On | 8 Core Processors

The race of Smartphones is going far and far with almost every time a new surprising updates whether it is about the Software or about the Hardware of a Smartphone

Recently, we shared about a very amazing fact about the Smartphones hardware upgrade and flexibility. And now today we are sharing a good news for every one that in the sequence of Octa Core Processors in Smartphones have brought a new update at really cheap and effective pricing.

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Although there are many Octa-Core Processor powered Smartphones are already running successfully in the market. In the series the race is carried with the Samsung Technologies, Micromax (nothing like anything), ZOPO (Shenzhen ZOPO Communications-equipment Limited Company, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer) and now INTEX (Indian Company) with its latest model Intex i17.

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Well, the good news is that unlike other the INTEX has partnered with the Media Tek Technologies (manufacturer of mobile processors) and will soon launch its biggest creation yet so far i.e. Intex i 17, which will be powered with the MT6592 processor which is created by MediaTek, a Taiwanese company.

What’s the difference between with 8 Core Processor Smartphones

The Smartphones already running with Octa Core Processors like Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy S4, which uses 4 cores at a same time whereas, the MT6592 processor to power the Intex i17 will be using all 8 cores at the same time. This MT6592 processor has a tendency of running at a speed of 2.0Ghz frequency but will be set to 1.7Ghz only to perform better in Intexi17.

It is also clear that there are chances of emerging this processor technology soon with Micromax and Spice. But they are in a Que as currently Intex is Introducing this Technology with the world. Let’s with the Grand Success for Intex i17 in advance.

So, Is a Quad Core Processor better and really required?

According to the complete illustration on an article of TOI, it is clear that though the technology is latest and huge, it is still limited to some features. In Short, The Intex i17 will be the Octa Core Processor powered Smartphone which will be ranging in the list of Quad Core Processor powered Smartphones. And yes, according to this article of TOI, these Octa Core processor are better than the Quad Core processor Smartphones but are Graphically lesser than the Octa Core Processor of High End Smartphones.


Conclusion with Octa Core Processor Smartphone

When it is about to have a Latest Technology in hand but also limited to budget, you can easily go for this Technology as the pricing comparison wise it is really affordable and up to date than Quad Core Processor Smartphones. But, if you really wanna Enjoy and get the Power of Graphics as well as speed than you can choose a High End Smartphone as preference and yes, if you are not limited to your Budget.

Personal Opinion on Smartphones

Though company says that yes, the new technology is very great and saves energy, we all know how much energy is saved and how much consumed with these Android Smartphones. I would like to recommend that if you are running a smartphone with the latest trend and a very little Android Apps, then, you must take care of the Smartphone which can just fulfill your needs as lower the apps, smaller the processor, better is the Battery Backup and Life of your Smartphones…

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