Response Better Instead Of Reacting (Reaction Vs Response) – by Himanshu Goel

We (Human Beings) Naturally Reacts Rather To Response. At Different Situations, We Tend To React Instead Of Responding.

Strange…..But True! Yes, Reaction And Response Sound Very Similar But They Are Very Diverse In Their Implications. Check This Out To Know More!!

Responding To A Situation Is Much Better Option Instead Of Bursting Out With Reaction. A Reaction Mostly Gives A Negative Impact Which Shows Some Negative Aspects Of Life. But We Should Deal With This Kind Of Problems Positively, Which Gives An Enormous Feeling! But At Hard Times These Actions May Lead To Some Very Bad Impression To Anyone.

Response Better Instead Of Reacting (Reaction Vs Response)

Our Reaction Is The First Thing That Comes Whenever Some Activities Go In Life. And This Takes You Deep Bottom In The Emotions And You UN-Intentionally Speaks Every Single Word That Has Not To Be Spoken By You And This Leads To A Negative Impact On Others Whether You Wanted To Do So Or Not. On The Other Hand You Can Opt For :

Second Choices i.e. Respond, Which Is A Much More Positive Approach. And This You Can Do By Keeping Aside All Your Emotions For A While, And Think Twice Over The Topic Which Is Going On So That Every Outcome From You Is A Positive Sentence Which Not Only Handles The Situation But Also Let Others To Feel Good And Proud You.

Often Time People Don’t Notice The Difference Between Responding To Something And Reacting To Something. But The Difference Between These Two Behaviors Can Be Quite Profound. The Difference Between Responding Versus Reacting Means A Bad Situation Can Becoming Worse And A Bad Situation Can Become Better. As, You Can See An Example Below:-

Story : At A Restaurant, A Cockroach Suddenly Flew From Somewhere And Sat On A Lady.

Lady Reacting Over Cockroach

Lady : Started Screaming Out Of Fear. With A Panic Stricken Face And Trembling Voice, She Started Jumping, With Both Her Hands Desperately Trying To Get Rid Of The Cockroach.

Her Reaction Was Contagious, As Everyone In Her Group Also Got Panicky. The Lady Finally Managed To Push The Cockroach Away But … It Landed On Another Lady In The Group.

Now, It Was The Turn Of The Other Lady In The Group To Continue The Drama.

Waiter : Rushed Forward To Their Rescue. In The Relay Of Throwing, The Cockroach Next Fell Upon The Waiter. The Waiter Stood Firm, Composed Himself And Observed The Behavior Of The Cockroach On His Shirt.

When He Was Confident Enough, He Grabbed It With His Fingers And Threw It Out Of The Restaurant.


Was The Cockroach Responsible For Their Histrionic Behavior?

If So, Then Why Was The Waiter Not Disturbed?

He Handled It Near To Perfection, Without Any Chaos.

It Is Not The Cockroach, But The Inability Of The Ladies To Handle The Disturbance Caused By The Cockroach That Disturbed The Ladies.

I Realized That, It Is Not The Shouting Of Father Or Boss Or Wife That Disturbs Us, But It’s Our Inability To Handle The Disturbances Caused By Their Shouting That Disturbs Us.

It’s Not The Traffic Jams On The Road That Disturbs Us, But Our Inability To Handle The Disturbance Caused By The Traffic Jam Which Disturbs Us.

More Than The Problem, It’s Our Reaction To The Problem That Creates Chaos Our My Life.

Moral : We Should Not React In Life Rather We Should Always Respond.

  1. Response Is A Gentle Act Showered On Anyone At Any Given Point.
  2. Remember……Reactions Should Never Be Adverse.
  3. Yelling Through Reactions On Anyone Is Quite Easy, But To Console The Situation Is Indeed A Tough Task.
  4. You Need To Just Inculcate This Thinking In Your Attitude That You Will Always Respond First And React Later.
  5. A Reaction Should Always Be Preceded By A Response!

I Hope This Gives A Clear Vision To Differentiate Between Response And Reaction! More You Can Leave Us Your Feedback…

Thanking You,

Himanshu Goel