Samsung Galaxy Q GT-B9150 With Unique Fold-able & Flexible Display – Review

While I Was Searching For A Solid Quality Mobile-Phone Including A Good Quality Camera, I Searched Out For Samsung Galaxy Q GT-B9150, An Android (Latest) Mobile Cum Tablet PC With The Great Configuration & Additional Features. Few Pics Have Been Arranged For You Check Them Out Clearly :

Samsung Flexible Dispaly

This Is An Upcoming Samsung Mobile (New Generation) With A Yo um Flexible Display Folded Into 2 Parts Like A Wallet. This Samsung Galaxy Q (GT-B9150) Can Be The 1st Samsung Flexible Displays Model Will Be Offered With Such A Display.

Samsung Q GT-B9150

The Specifications Yet Knowledge By The Search Says That :-

  • This Will Have A Dual Amoled HD Display With The Full Resolution Of 1920*1080.
  • There’s A Confusion That It Might Have 2 Displays Of 3” Each To Make One Out Of It Or Can Really Be One Folded Leading Its Size To 6” Or Can Succeed To 9” Screen Size.
  • It May Have A Dual Core Processor Could Be Of 1.7GHZ
  • Another Good News Is That It Will Be Provided Up With A 2GB Of Ram
  • 2 Camera’s Are There A Front Camera Of 2MP And A Main Back Camera Of 8MP
  • A High Power Battery Will Be Used To Keep Up The Battery Back Up With So Much High Configuration & Other Features.

Samsung Q GT-B9150 Foldable & Flexible

As I Said Above That This Samsung Galaxy Q (GT-B9150) Can Be The 1st Samsung Flexible Displays But Earlier It Was Heard That Galaxy S4 Or Galaxy Note 3 Could/Will Be One Of This Category Or Type Using The Criteria Of Flexible Displays.

I Hope & Demand You Readers To Please Present Your Thoughts Or Searches Over This All New Up-Coming Samsung Galaxy Q (GT-B9150).

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Presented By Shivam Gupta