Some Ways Of Promoting Your Brand Without Expenditure or Expenses, But Results Great

By Using various Unique Different And even Stupid Methods we can easily get promoted with our own Brand or Site Or Blogs. this is Really Experimented and has Better Results in some ways. although, Earlier I felt embarrassing too by using these methods and thought of stopping them but, fortunately, they gave Good Results and this assured me to use them again and again. now-a-days, using these methods really impresses me myself.

So, here is the list of various promoting methods of Promoting your Site or Blog or Brand Name

Online Ways of Promoting Your Blog !

1. Using Social Media Facebook, Google+, Twitter & Many more…

2. Using other Sites you Own – can be free online blogs

3. Links ExchangeExchanging Links with the Same Kind of Sites or Blogs

4. AdvertisementsPaid or Free

5. Leaving Comments – Commenting on Blogs or Sites of others with a Good Quality Back-Link.

Offline Ways of Promoting Your Blog !

1. Friends Circle to Distribute the Blogs name through means of ICT.

2. Ask Small Cousins or Real Siblings who are still studying in School or Colleges to write down the Blog’s Name on the Desks & Chairs, even on the Blackboard after class is finished.

3. Keep Your Phone Bluetooth Active at public places with the Bluetooth name of your Blog

4. If you are using any Wi-Fi network with your Phone Hot-Spot or Computers, assign name of your Blog to it.

5. Playing with Dirty car windows or permanent standing cars in places, and writing Blog’s Name on their Dirty Windows with your Finger itself.

There could be many more.. Suggestions are welcome and will be added here…

Suggestions by,

Himanshu Goel

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