Spice Healing Heart and Stomach

A brown powder with thick, pleasant and little acerb aroma can be found on the kitchen of basically every homemaker. It is cinnamon, a spice of dried rind of evergreen tropic tree of laurel family. Normally, it is added to pastry, hot drinks, meat dishes and cereals. Also, cinnamon is in widespread use in perfumery. Toilet water, soap, shower gel and many more are produced on the base of it.

Far from everyone is armed with information about cinnamon to be not a flavored spice only but also a very effective medicinal product. Old Chinese physicians knew about it. Recent studies published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition have confirmed that cinnamon makes it to where blood sugar level and cholesterol in blood decreases. Also, it is proved that this spiciness influences cardiovascular system and gastro-intestinal tract.

Cinnamon contains polyphenols, which are strong antioxidants reducing risk to get a heart disease. There is also a brown aldehyde, which prevents from thrombus formation. Furthermore, the scientists argue that a marvelous aroma of cinnamon speeds up the work of brain, acts to raise vigilance and improves eye memory.

Season different dishes with a few grams of cinnamon every day and positive results are guaranteed. It is advised to add cinnamon to cereals, pastry, yogurts, milk, tea, coffee drinks, smoothies and even fruits.

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