Sun Tan Removal Tips – By Kriti Sharma

S Stands For Summer As Well As For Sun Tan Too 😛 Summers Are Here So They Have Brought The Tan Along Which Is Soon Going To Accompany You If You Don’t Follow This Article

What Is Sun Tan?

Sun Tanning Or Simply Tanning Is The Process Whereby Skin Color Is Darkened Or Tanned. The Process Is Most Often A Result Of Exposure To Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation From The Sun Or From Artificial Sources, Such As A Tanning Bed Etc.

Sun Tan Removal Tips:
  • Take Juice Of Cucumber And Lemon In Equal Proportion And Rub It On The Tanned Areas. Leave It For Few Minutes And Then Wash It Off. Mixture Of Grated Cucumber And Honey Also Act As An Effective Tan Remover.
  • One Can Gently Rub Baking Soda On The Part Of The Body Affected By Tan. This Is Indeed A Remedy To Tan That Works.

  • Purees Of Vegetables Such As, Potatoes, Tomatoes And Papaya Also Reduce Tan As They Contain Natural Acid. Make Fresh Puree And Apply On The Face. Leave For 10-15 Minutes And Then Wash Off.
  • You Can Just Mix Few Drops Of Vinegar In The Bathing Water And It Will Really Be An Effective Means To Remove Tan.
  • Extract Of Herbs Such As, Basil, Aloe Vera Also Offers A Cooling Effect To The Sun Burnt Skin And Remove Tan To Some Extent. Make Pate Of Basil Or Use Aloe Vera Pulp, You Will Surly Have A Lighter Skin.
  • Sandal Wood Paste Also Proves To Be Effective In Tan Removal.
  • Rose Water Can Also Be Used To Cope Up With Sun Tan.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Is A Bleaching Agent And Can Be Used In Case Of Extreme Tan. It Is A Means To Be Used With Extreme Cautiously And Under Expert Supervision.


Kriti Sharma