Sunil Grover popular as Guthi to be on Silver Screen

The news is going viral that “Guthi” played by Sunil Grover in Comedy Nights with Kapil who gave him a new Identity in the Industry has been fortuned with some better opportunities after he left Comedy Nights with Kapil.

Well, it was really a sorry feeling when Sunil Grover left the Show with such a unique presence of “Guthi” instantly. People really misses the Guthi’s Character in Comedy Nights with Kapil but what can be done, it’s past. Now the news is that the Sunil Grover was going to start his own Comedy Show in the world of Television but unfortunately no news about that new show by Sunil Grover is disclosed yet so far…

Breaking News related to Sunil Grover is that he is going to perform in the upcoming Bollywood movie “Gabbar” starring Akshay Kumar (Khiladi) with an important role in the movie. Well, it is not yet officially declared the appearance of Sunil Grover in the movie, but this will really going to move Sunil Grover further than Kapil Sharma.

Assumption about Sunil Grover (Guthi)

Earlier it was difficult to understand that why Sunil Grover have left the Comedy Night with Kapil, such a success and how will it going to affect in his career. But, it looks likes as it wasn’t a trouble in fact this Golden opportunity of acting as a main character in the movie “Gabbar” starring Akshay Kumar with the co-star Shruti Hassan (daughter of Kamal Hassan).

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