Test Your Website SEO, Performance, Speed & Errors

We all are running our blogs and tries to maximize the content on our Blog. We even manages to add original content only but still some of really good blogs are not getting the fair results, due to Unknown Reasons.

Well the reasons that become a factor for not getting optimized website are becoming more in count as the Google Algorithms are increasing to control the Search Results Control and for this they have to add strict Algorithms which blocks Over SEO.

Why Google Is Adding New Algorithms?

Well, a blog is the fastest way to become popular and get more visitors as compared to other websites (simple or static), and this is because all Search Engines require more and more fresh updates with unique and original content which companies can provide via blogs only, and thus they have also entered into the world of Blogging.

What are we doing Currently?

I know that some of us are really Good Bloggers but still we need to show it even after we are already running a Blog with huge traffic. Well, there is only one way to overcome these errors and that is just removing those errors from your Blog. As the numbers of blogs are increasing day by day the Search Engines really needs to show what’s exactly is fresh and required content and to do so they are adding up many securities to be broken with your knowledge and under the Policies

How can we Survive and make Blogs better?

As I told you above that to improve site’s health you need to get errors removed from your Blog and must concentrate over other important factors. To overcome this error I have made a little bit of search and finally found out a way through which you can detect the errors and other issues of your site.

Website Testing Tools Snapshot (How it Looks)

Benefits of Site Testing

You will know that what SEO mistakes you are making so that you can remove or add what is actually required.

You will know about the Page Speed and Current Ranking of your Site or Blog so that you gets aggressive to improve it if it is lower than your wishes.

It will show about the Social Popularity of your Site or Blog so that you can do it better and again this will improve your sites response.

Also, you will get some good recommendations so that you can implement them and have a better Blog than Ever…

Important Notifications:

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