The Role Of Default Program And How It Can Be Done In Windows XP

While Working Over My New Laptop I Found Out Some Error Messages, Actually They Were Some Missing Operations Which My Windows Doesn’t Know How To Do Or Say Too Many Options For One Single Thing To Choose For. The Message Was Shown Like Below

Now You Can, Select A Program From A List Of Installed Programs Or Else If You Do Not Have An Appropriate Program Than You Can Use Web Services To Find The Correct Program For Opening The Kind Of File. Now If You Have Other Pop-Up (Image 2) Then, You Can Choose Open Using Already Installed Software If You Have An Appropriate Software To Open The Particular File. Also You Can Check The Box Highlighted For Do Not Show This Message Again. After That Click OK Or Press Enter. And In Case Still Not Solved Than Use Web Services To Find The Solution (Won’t Charge You)

Now, If Windows Doesn’t Finds An Appropriate Software To Open This Kind Of File & You Are Sure You Have A Software Installed For A Chance Than You Can Use Browse Option Providing The Path For That Software/Program To Run

As You Can See In The Above Image A List Of Program Can Be Seen And You Have To Choose An Appropriate Program As You Think Is Suitable For The Particular .Extension File To Open The File And Also Remember To Check The Box Mentioning Always Use The Selected Program To Open This Kind Of File & Finally, Press Enter Or Click OK.

Or For Ignoring These Processes You Can Follow Below Stated Process After Every New Installation Or Removal Of A Software Or Application Or In Case Of Adding A New Format File In To Your Windows XP Or In A Storage Devices.

>> Open Start Menu >> Control Panel >> Add Or Remove Programs In Case Of Windows XP

Simply, Go To Start Menu-> Set Programs Access And Default – To Open A New Window As Showing Below To Set Your Default Programs.

Now Select Your Favorite Software’s To The 1st Preference Which Opens The Maximum Supported File by Choosing “Set Program Access And Defaults“. Follow With Clicking On Option Chosen For The Program To Has All Its Defaults Finally Click OK, And It Is Done. Well, In This Case You Can Select Either Windows Defaults Or You Can Go For Programs Installed As Default At The Time Of Installing The Software/Application.

(See How To Do In Windows 7)

Presented By Himanshu Goel