What are Widgets and How to Optimize Widgets in WordPress

Widgets are the most powerful section in every kind of blogging platform available around the web. Actually Blogging is meant to update regular and can be because it dynamically adds function and fetches data from the database.

In Short, we can also consider a widget as an additional section of our Site or blog. i.e. a Widget is like a Window of a House which are to be placed at the right place so that the House looks beautiful and too much windows can even reduce the strength of the House.

Also a Widget reduces our effort of repeating some common things on every page which can be easily managed by simply adding a Widget.

How to Optimize Widgets to perform Search Engine Optimization?

As we have already said, widgets are the most powerful feature of Blogging and has plenty of options an works as a Column of a Whole Webpage. Widgets are loaded as a part of a Webpage and thus, all activities in Widgets are equally responsible for SEO.

Don’t push too many links on widgets as better SEO is limited to a number of internal links on a Single Webpage.

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Use Popular posts and most recommended articles in links for visitor’s attention on such articles which were really appreciated by others.

Do add a Subscribe Widget so that your Blog Lovers can easily follow you up with the new updates and this way they can reach you regularly.

Don’t put all the Advertisements in Sidebar or you must not use more than 2 advertisements in sidebar of any Adsense services you have. But you can place banner advertisements if you got some to be placed.

Footer Widgets can be used for Site Pages, Network Links, and Informational Text Widgets etc. If your theme doesn’t support Widgets, not a issue manage it other way.

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You must concentrate on adding content in Widgets, what are you placing, how you are placing, in case of responsive design will it affect when the Screen Resolution is decreased to Tablet or Mobile version. Does your theme supports important widgets in Mobile Layout or not etc.

So, what can we do with Widgets in WordPress?

Widgets can be used in too many ways that even I have not tried them all, but, still they are available more than enough by default for a beginner also. Widgets can be used for placing Advertisements which can monetize your site or blog for which a blogger initially starts a blog.

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Widgets can be used for adding a photo gallery or small promotional sliders which have to be kept common for all or selected pages. We can show visitors to get connected to our social networks by linking them directly from our own Blog or Site or using “Like and Share buttons” for them to share with their known ones.

More over widgets are powered with many WP-Plugins which adds widgets options in WordPress and allows you to add functions (no coding required). With the help of these in your WP-Themes you can easily reach the height of presentation and results with it.