What Is A Dynamic Site or Blog? Why Should we Use or Create It?

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Today let us discuss about a Dynamic Blog over a Simple Site. Well, it a Normal Website in which regular updates are made in the form of Posts which are easily maintained under Different Categories which describes more about them. These Dynamic Sites or Blogs are maintained by Corporate or Individuals to provide the latest information based on the Topics they are running on their Blogs.

eg. We are using Computers, Health, Entertainment, Technology, Thoughts, etc

A blog can be used as a tool to communicate with the world either professionally about their services and achievements only or publicly by providing common information globally.

What is a Dynamic Website or Blog?

A Dynamic Website or Blog is something which is based on a Database hosted on Web Server and all the Data Stored in it & executed. Basically, unlike any static webpage or set of Static Pages creating a Static Website – a Dynamic Website or Blog have many advantages over a Static Site.

A Dynamic Site or Blog uses some Platform which accesses the data stored in a Database on Web Server & passes information directly to a Webpage. In this type of Blog or Site we can easily update and manage our Posts or Articles easily under the specific set of categories.

Why should we Use or Create a Dynamic Site or Blog?

A BLOG is really easy to Start

A Blog is way easier to start & maintain in comparison to a Static Website. As a Blog uses a re-designed layouts which are known as themes which can be changed anytime?

You just need a simple design for your blog which can be accomplished by getting a good theme/template suitable for your business or profession or any other reasons. You can either choose a Free Blogging Platform like WordPress or Bloggers or you can go for a self hosted WordPress or any other format of BLOG.

Note: If you choose to go for self hosted blog and don’t know how to install blog, then you can See Complete Details – How to Create a Blog.

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Design Portability?

The best thing is that a Dynamic Site or Blog accessed through a Database which automatically indexes the Pages or Posts with unique addresses and which are accessed in whatever format required. Instead of changing every format manually for different kind of pages and their layouts these Dynamic Websites easily allows us to manage different level of pages anytime with ease and their common (Fixed Layouts) editions.

As a Dynamic Site or Blog easily manages Large Number of pages under categories easily with the help of using a good Blogging Platform makes future updates easier without effecting or re-building the whole Chain of Posts or Pages but letting an Old to overcome a New One anytime.

Easy Content Publishing

All Blogging Platforms proves them as the easiest way of maintaining Site with regular updates. Publishing content or creating post(s) or Pages in your blog is really easy which doesn’t needs any Hardcore Coding knowledge. Writing in blogs requires very small skill which almost everybody knows – typing in “Ms-Word or Word-pad or Like E-mail Services”.

Typing content in blog is very easy but it is also believed that adding some related images or pictures or may be using some quality videos makes post very attractive. A good blogging needs some regular content writing and changing layouts time to time to attract people as well as asking them to subscribe the blog which lets them to know about latest updates. If you are regular in Blogging, people will come back often; otherwise they will just forget your blog.

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Easy Traffic Generation – Increases Business

As compared to a static website, traffic generation is easier for a blog. As blogging is done with regular additions & Updates, this encourages visitors to re-visit again and again in search of new topics. Also, Search Engines Love Fresh Content and this is positive point for Blogs, as Blogging provides what they love.

You can offer your readers subscription and social media links so that they can keep track of your updates, this provides them information without visiting or missing some visits on your blog like an alarm. On the other hand, using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and several others shows the way of getting regular traffic.

Product Promotion or Offers

Blogging itself refers to promotion. It is very obvious that a place is best for Advertising where people visit regularly. If you have a product to sell or a service to be provided, a Blog is a perfect way to get customers online. Describing Completely about your products and their benefits, along with some tutorials, news, tips & tricks helps understanding your product or services in a much better way.

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As you would have realized by now that Blogging is a Powerful Platform for online communication in internet marketing arena. More and more people have started blogging because of the power and simplicity. If you don’t want to invest in a Self Hosted Blog, you can start a free blog at WordPress.com or Bloggers.com – both of which are perfect for newbie’s.

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Note: Every free thing available either physically or virtually has been limited to services or sources. So it is better to run your Own Blog as there will be no limits or additional requirements, if you are willing to earn better you must Create a Self Hosted Blog.

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