What Is A Google Authorship ? What Does It Effects ?

What is a Google Authorship ? And What does it effects ? Where people can find the use ofGoogle Authorship ?

well, Google Authorship is a verified process by Google services. this leaves a great impact on people when they founds a result linked to our site which shows an image before the site title and brief description on Google Search Results. It Shows Exactly as shown in below picture provided.

With the use of Google Authorship, Authors can easily show their Google+ profile photo when the results are displayed in the Google search. more over along with the result you can see there is a small script which shows “by Himanshu Goel – in 26 Google+ Circles” that is also linked to the author’s Google profile.

>> Steps to set up your Google Authorship with Google+ profile on any of your Blog or Site.

There are many benefits of using Google Authorship as stated below:

Basically, It Shows your profile picture which assures to known people that they are on the right place while searching for the respective content. more over a link to your Google+ profile to get more about the author and author’s activities (success level).

The Google+  id provided to set up your account is likely your unique id which is moving along the author across the web where ever reachable. and will always end up by providing a back link to author’s Google+ profile.

also, due to your Google+ profile picture visitors feel comfortable with your search results and that includes the attention of the people to check your blog. as being verified by google attracts them towards your blog or site.

Finally, if you are trusted publicly then people will going to visit regularly on your blog and this going to increase the hits and results of your blog or site.

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