What Is A Grapefruit How Does It Benefit And What Are Its Limits To Be Consumed


As We All Have Been Knowledge With The Power Of Fruits For Our Body. They Energizes Us With Boost By Providing Sufficient Energy To Show Strength In Work. Well, Not All The Fruits Are That Better So That Anyone Could Have It… Today We Are Going To Study Over A Topic Known As Grapefruit Which Is Also Known As “Chakotra” In Hindi’ INDIA And Was Once Also Called “Forbidden Fruit”. More Over INDIA Has Ranked At 8th Position In The Growth Of These Chakotra’s (Grapefruit’s).

What Is A Grapefruit? How Does It Benefit And What Are Its Limits To Be Consumed….

So Basically, The Grapefruit Is A Variety Of Fruit Which Similar To Oranges Looks Like A Pomelo (Another Term For Chakotra) & Tree Seems Similar To Shaddock (A Kind Of A Plant). It Is A Semi-Bitter Fruit Sometimes Tastes Like An Orange Otherwise Like A Lime. The Fruit Is Yellow-Orange Skinned And Largely An Spheroid Shape Which Ranges In Diameter From 10–15 Cm. The Fruit Is Yellow-Orange In Color From Outside And Could Be White, Pink Or Red In Color From Center (Generally, The Redder Varieties Are Sweeter) With The Flesh Segmented And Acidic.

According To Murray Huff (University Of Ontario Study ‘2009) And A Book Called “Foods That Cause You To Lose Weight : Negative Calorie Effect” States That Grapefruit Promises To Reduction Of Body Weight With The Proper Diet Of Grapefruit Or Its Juice.


Well, It Is Also Too Strong And Can Be Too Dangerous If You Are Standing Somewhere From The Following Category:-

>> If We Are Using Any Drugs (Medicine), That Enters In Our Bloodstream And Metabolized By CYP3A4 Enzyme. This Grapefruit Stops The Working Of CYP3A4 Enzyme That Metabolizes The Drugs Entered To Our Body To Perform Their Function. Well, If These Enzymes Are Not Working In Case Than The Drugs Instead Of Getting Used Up Stays There As It Is And Proves To Be Risky Making It A Huge Overdose Of Drugs. Alternatively It Makes An Overdose Of The Prescribed Drugs And Becomes Dangerous In Various Ways. So It Is Not-Recommended For The People Who Are Schedules To Have Regular Drugs As Prescribed By Their Doctors And Should Also Consult Before Taking Grapefruit Diet.

>> This One Is Specially For Females That If You Are Thinking About Trying The Grapefruit Diet To Lose Weight You Need To Think Twice Before You Start. This Can Be Dangerous, As There Could Be A Chance That You Are Taking Birth Control Pills And If You Are. Eating Or Drinking Grapefruit Juice As Part Of The Grapefruit Diet Can Lead To Blood Clots, Gangrene, Strokes, Heart Attacks And Death If Combined With Contraceptive Birth Control Pills. Again, Not Recommended If You Are Using The Above Mentioned Pills.


These Birth Control Pills Contain Estrogen In Them At A Low-Level Which Generates A Low Risk Of Blood Clotting. But If You Have Grapefruit In Your Diet, Than Considering The Concept Of Drugs Merging To Become A High Dose, This Can Make Blood Clots Much More Likely, And This Elevates Your Risk Of Developing Gangrene, A Heart Attack Or Stroke.

Before Trying The Grapefruit Diet, It Is Critical That You First Consult Your Doctor If You Are Taking Any Drugs. If You Are Not Taking Any Medications, Then Also You Need To Have To Drink 6-8 Glasses Of Grapefruit Juice Each Day To See Any Weight Loss Effects. Huff, Who Discovered A Flavonoid In Grapefruit That Caused Weight Loss In Mice In A 2009 University Of Ontario Study, Says That Perhaps Someday A Pill Will Exist That Will Make It Easy To Get Enough Of The Grapefruit Flavonoid Without Having To Consume Up To Eight Glasses Of Grapefruit Daily. Let’s See When That Day Will Come…