What Is A & How To Create A System Restore Point In Windows XP & Win 7 – by Himanshu Goel

System Restore Point Is Likely To Be A Wish Come True By A Gennie According To Himanshu Goel

Ques : How To Create A Restore Point ? And What Are The Benefits Of A Restore Point ?

Answer : A System Restore Point Is A Windows Tool Which Provides A Great Help When Desired By Allowing You To Take Your Computer To A Back Date To Get Your Problem(S) Fixed. (Click Here To Know About What Is A System Restore). Well, The Question Here Is How To Create A System Restore Point & When And How To Utilize It To Get Out Of Trouble Created By Windows. Although When Some Softwares Or Games Are Installed In Computer Windows Often Creates A Restore Point Own Its Own But We Need To Create Before The Installation So That We Can Change Back With The Current Installation Only, If Restore Point Is Required To Be Used. It Is Very Simple To Create A System Restore Point – By Following These Few Steps:-

As, You Can See In The Above 2 Pics(2nd On Mouse Over The Pic) Easy Steps Of Opening System Restore. In Case Of Win 7 – You Can Use Both The Ways i.e. 1st Pic Says You Can Type System Restore In The Start Menu And Simply Click Or Enter Over “System Restore” Which Will Open System Restore Pop-Up Window & In Case Of Win-Xp You Can Start From Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Restore (Finally) As Shown In The Picture Below &Follow The Steps As Illustrated By Himanshu Goel

As You Can See In The Above 2 Pics (2nd On Mouse Over The Pic) Provided To You Relates To Win-7 There Is A Option Highlighted I.E. 1st System Restore – Can Be Used To Restore Your System From A Earlier Created System Restore Point Or Will Be Used For This Restore Point Which You Are Creating Now By Selecting The 2nd Highlighted Point I.E. Create Button Which Takes Your 1 Step Forward To System Restore Point Creation To Be Used In Future If Needed. After That A Pop-Up Window Will Again Appear (2nd Image) Which Will Ask To Fill Up The Name For The Restore Point To Be Filled, Which You Has Describe (Suggestion Acc. To Condition) And Then Click Or Enter Over Create Button (Another Appears) And In Case Of Win-XP You Can See Below Images And Follow The Further Instructions :- Creating A System Restore Point in Win XP

From Here, You Can Choose The Option Either “Restore My Computer To An Earlier Time” (System Restore Of Win-7) Or 2nd One i.e. “Create A Restore Point” To Create Which We Have To Follow Now, After This Windows Will Ask You To Feed The Name For The System Restore Point. This Will Lead You Towards Another Pop-Up Window Showing As Follows :-

You Can See The Above 2 Images 1st Showing Creating A Restore Point & 2nd With The Result – The Restore Point Was Created Successfully. That’s It System Restore Point Is Ready To Be Used If Desired And You Can Try This Now Too If You Wanna Test By Installing Or Uninstalling Any Software Or Application Or Game Etc… Which You Have And Choose This Named By You System Restore Point To Recover The Changes, Moreover This Process Is Reversible Too Which States That After UN-Installation Or New Installation You Can Try This And After That You Can Also UNDO* This Restore Before Creating A New Restore Point. Or Else You Can Use This Feature (Only 4 Win-7) System restore finally finished

If This Doesn’t Satisfies You Than There Is Also Another Suggested Way, Which I Have Been Using For So Long i.e. System Image Back Up – Can Be Done For Win-7 Users Only (XP Is Not Reliable In This Case) To See Click Here How A System Image Is Created Or Can Be Used In Future As Per Requirement. Or You Can See The Benefits Of System Restore Points From Here…

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