Why Sleep Is Necessary For Good Health & What If You Are Not Sleeping Properly

Now-A-Days, Overweight Is A Major Issue. Many People Are Disturbed And Facing Problems Due To Overweight. If You Are Also Under The Same Category Than You Can Try This Out For Sure As I Have Tried This Too. So If You Are Looking Forward To Lose A Little Weight?

Excercise WalkingReducing Some Weight Your Daily Diet And Exercise Are Crucial. But Don’t Forget About A Good Night’s Rest Which Is Also An Important Factor And Helps In Reducing Weight And Maintaining The Body Balance Which Keeps Fit.

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According To Science It Known For Many Years That Skimping On Sleep Is Associated With Weight Gaining Process. It Is Also Said That A Perfect Sleep Must Be Consisting 6-8 Hours (Regular) At Night Must Be Taken Or Else There Is A Greater Risk Of Increasing Weight As Well As Obesity. The Lesser You Sleep The More You Risk Yourself. Now,

Why Sleep Is Necessary For Good Health?

It Is Natural That If You Sleep Lesser Than It Is Obvious That You Will Work More Being Awake For More Hours. And It Is Also Known That We Need To Eat At The Interval Of 3hrs Normally. So, This Also Refers To More Intake Than An Usual Period Of Time If You Sleep Complete For 8hrs And If You Sleeps Lesser Than 8hrs You Will Intake More Of Food And Calories. – Himanshu Goel

Sleeping Properly

According To Some Tests Took Long Back In Some Foreign Countries, Where The Test Went For 2 Days In Which On 1 Day They Had A 8hrs Of Sleep And On The Other Day They Just Had A 4hrs Sleep. In This Test The Results Were As (Roughly Basis) 500 Extra Calories (22% More) Were Consumed Per Head By The People On The Day When They Had A 4hrs Of Sleep. There Were More Test Took Place In Other Places And The Results This Were Calculated On Behalf Of Men & Women. But The Requirements And The Results Were Similar To The Previous One.

According To Science – Some Studies Pin The Blame On Hormones, Arguing That Decreased Sleep Creates A Spike In Ghrelin, A Hormone That Stimulates Appetite, And A Reduction In Leptin, Which Signals Satiety. But More Study Is Needed.

Current Status: Losing Sleep May Increase Appetite And, As A Result, Weight. Sleep Proper And Maintain Yourself Properly.

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