5 Best Exercises to Ease Depression

Exercise could not be a cure-all remedy for depression, but according to a recent study, heart-pumping and endorphin boosting exercise can actually promote happiness, hence easing depression. People who are physically more active are generally happy and more enthusiastic than less-active people. Beyond its effective benefits on depression, exercise can also promote a good night’s sleep and reduce stress. Here is a look at 5 best exercises that can help you ease depression.

Regular Running

5 Best Exercises to Ease Depression Running


When it comes to exercises that help fight depression, cardio and aerobic exercises are known to give the best results. However, aerobic exercise is known to be more effective than cardio exercises. While the right workout rate when running is still up for debate, it is recommended that you should run 20 to 30 minutes every day of the week. The best example of exercise that stimulates the release of brain chemicals is the runner’s high. It is associated with the release of endorphins chemicals in response to a sustained level of physical activity. When produced by brain glands, endorphins produce a sense of well-being.

Do Strength Training

Strength training not only boosts your strength, but happiness as well a study recently revealed that a 10-week strength training program helps reduce depression symptoms among other benefits. Since strength training involves mastery and control, it requires full concentration and attention. Most importantly, those who engage in this type of exercise can see the results of strength training. Just start slowly and be sure to engage the assistance of a personal trainer.

Yoga& Meditation

5 Best Exercises to Ease Depression Yoga

According to a study, people who take a yoga class two times a week for a period of two months showed a significant decrease in anxiety and depression symptoms. Yoga has an antidepressant effect because it increases flexibility. It involves mindfulness, something that breaks up negative thoughts. On the same note, it also increases strength and also improves balance. However, it is advisable starting yoga in your area to be sure that you are doing the poses properly.

Walking Outdoors

By just putting one foot in front of the other, you can make yourself feel better. This is so considering that walking is an aerobic exercise that suits people of all ages. All it takes is to get a good pair of supportive and comfortable shoes and you are good to go. If depression is getting a toll on you, simply get your walk on and gradually increase your distance and time.

Go Play Outside

If outdoor activities are your cup of tea, even simple activities like playing a ball with your kids, gardening, or washing your car may go a long way in decreasing your depression level. This is because sunlight boosts the mood because sunlight is known to stimulate the levels of serotonin in the body. The bottom line is to choose an activity that works for you, depending on your preference, energy and functioning level.

>> There is no denying that behavioral intervention that has been effective in alleviating the symptoms of depression. Many studies have examined the effectiveness of exercise to ease depression and the overwhelming majority of these studies have shown a positive benefit of exercise. You can further put depression at bay by applying for NI card.

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