Modular Smartphones could be reused as Computer Upgrades

Do you remember we talked earlier about Smart Phones to Become Modular Phones by Google | Motorola which were in process so that instead of changing whole smartphone we could easily upgrade our Smartphones Hardware as required.

But, now Circular Devices is working on its own modular smartphone concept, Puzzlephone, and hopes to ship working products before the end of the year even though it hasn’t yet released a prototype. As Circular Devices believe that the Life Cycle of a product can be extended beyond the planned usage (i.e. just a smartphone till it satisfies you).

smartphone modules to be reused for computer clusters by puzzleclusterCircular Devices wants to reuse the CPU modules from its Puzzlephones as computer clusters. Credit: Circular Devices

The reason behind making such a concept is increasing the best life of an electronic gadget/part and reducing the wastage of electronic resources which is already a threat to the Planet. – Nature Saver

More reasons for creating such a nice concept is that people now a days are leaving outdated PC’s when started using smartphone (compromising with the comfort of working), thus, this will going to help Upgrading your Computer with outdated smartphone modules and use them together with better performance, said by Alejandro Santacreu, CEO at Circular Devices.

Q: How and what could be done in this concept?

This process will allow Brain Modules to be reused and connected to form a fully integrated computer cluster, which can deliver a scalable product that can meet the needs of home users and small and medium enterprises, but also public institutions and data centers. Its applications can range from research and data analysis, to rendering farms and in-house cloud services, as well as any other case that requires parallel computing.

{Image: PUZZLECLUSTER supercomputer at home: The First Reuse Application of the PUZZLEPHONE}

Note: Circular Devices didn’t cleared about when Puzzlecluster would start shipping or what software or OS would be used to manage this custom integrated hardware. Hopefully, the first CPU modules should be available for reuse by 2017. So the company has plenty of time to turn its drawings into a real product.