Smart Phones to Become Modular Phones by Motorola

Who all wants to update Smartphone? Even with the update of Hardware Configuration i.e. current Processors or Ram or even Display etc. well, soon this is going to be possible for all of us and we don’t even need to learn anything new to go for this. Isn’t it Coooooool….

About New Technology of Open Hardware

Finally, Motorola Technologies has announced that its new research and development team, called Project Ara, is working on “Open Hardware Platform for creating highly Modular Smart Phones“.

Motorola New Advanced Technology of Smart Phone

As far as we all know that the Android (O.S.) is a software platform which have really amazed all people with its Software update and management flexibility options. Similarly, this new technology is for making the same things to happen with Hardware just like Software done by Android Platform.

What is the Purpose of Doing So?

The idea is to create a third-party developer ecosystem for hardware, which will make it easier for normal people with Low Hardware Knowledge of Smartphone to chip in to the sector and make required changes to your smart phones. This will not only make users happy but will also make repair easier than ever like changing an expired or newly updated parts, similarly, done in case of updating a C.P.U. of a Desktop Hardware.

Universal Benefits Manufacturers and Users

As this technology will provide a base platform of Smart Phones Hardware, which can be further customized and updated by the End-Users according to their needs. Also, Companies could play to their strengths, deliver straight to consumers, but not have to make an entire phone as this can be done by creating small replaceable and updated add-on parts.

This will result with more versatile and personalized phones with the user’s custom requirements and option to change according to future needs instead of replacing the whole Handsets. Secondly, instead of changing complete handset and upgrading with custom parts, this technology will also help in saving natural resources which are used to create systems as well as reducing the costs of having a better technology with lower budgets?

So, what is the Future of this Technology?

According to Motorola Technologies – it is a new design which is called as “Endoskeleton” and modules which at least seems fairer than ever. Here, Endo is a structural frame which will going to hold all modules together to form and work as a single device. A module could be anything which counts on application processors, or a new display or keyboard, an extra battery to an extent of something which is not yet created i.e. could be created later and compatible with this technology as well.

Final conclusion keeping all features in mind

Yes of course, there is a chance of having such technology and really the market needs such technology due to which the things will become more reliable and easier for End-Users, Including Software as well as hardware updates…

As far as till now the new concept of forming module with the smart phone will be the best thing which will come out of a phone company, yet so far…. What’s there in future no one knows may be, may not be, or may a much better thing as till now we all gets surprised with the technology updates and says what could be the next… This Idea is powered by Motorola…

Market Status After This Technology

1. Rarely Need of any Mobile Hardware Repairing Engineer as the faulty part will be managed automatically by the User itself.

2. Direct Contact between the manufacturers and users as the dealers will just pass the spare parts instead of whole devices.

3. Anytime easy upgrade for Software and Hardware.

4. Reduced costs for repairing and upgrades of Smart Phones (Modular Phones).

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