Life of TelePhone to Mobile Phone to Smart Phone

Life of a Phone

As the time passed these small yet powerful and useful gadgets used for emergency has become a necessity of living {Lifestyle} now days. Who knew that these small and costly things will become so popular?

Round Dial Land-line Telephone

Getting in contact across the Cities, States, Nations or Around the World… people amazed that how can we talk with the person who is not nearby to us. I still remember when I was a small Kid and used to irritate others regarding one thing that how do the sound waves passes via telephone (ha ha ha). The answer I used to get was sound travels via wired connection and I believed at that time as while watching Cartoons on Television Shows, where the Cartoons maker showed connecting two people using a Thin Pipe (having a passage on both ends).

This kind of Telephone may be available with few people in working condition or surely at museum but this was the great awesome technology. This technology was praised more than anything at that time as the New-Era began in the World of Communications.

Note: Great Thanks to Alexander Graham Bell who invented it and started the series of fastest communication. You can read more about this on any informative website like Wikipedia and/or Google about it.

Laughter: may be the ring of the phone earlier called Bell was due to the name of the creator “Bell”… 🙂

Digital Key Landline Telephone

Still People used to get amazed with every new release of a Telephone update. Whether, it was about a Changing Calling design from Dialing with the Round Dialer to create an input for a number to updating it with the WOW Feature of pressing a single key (digitizing) for the specific number. (Some thought what could be next – nothing, this wasn’t the end of Telephone History) Still in use at many places like Homes, Offices, and Banks etc. and is now recognized with “The Landline”.

Landline Telephones with Callers ID

Along with the Wireless Technology, there was another very great and extremely useful feature was added which was tracing the callers ID. That is you can recognize it as a known or unknown call by checking out the Number from which the call is. This was more helpful to track and act against illegal and disturbing activities. The Callers ID function was a huge success and thus carried and continued till present.

Wireless Landline Telephone

Later, a new technology came which gave desires of people having a wish of list – “I Want It”. That was about the Wireless Handsets of Wired Connected Telephone, I remember we used to have fun with it by calling each other and talking non-sense just to test how far it can reach. That was awesome and gave an image to the Offices and their Bosses using this Wireless Technology. People started to have Wireless Handsets for their Homes and Offices and became more in demand that the above stated category Telephone & is still available and is in use but with the next update the demand of it reduced than the Digital Key Landline Telephone. They have a limit of their wireless connectivity varies with technology.

Simple Cell Phones

This was an incredible update by the researchers who just the changed the possibility of communicating from the places where the Wired connection couldn’t reach. This was the father of wireless Landline connection as the Wireless Landline Telephone which required a line-in connection and uses a battery in handset and even uses additional power supply to the main source device.

It needed a line-in connection from a power supply (only) to charge the Battery & use i.e. it worked only with the use of small battery inserted within the Handset. Still the best in use and is in use with the latest and fastest approaching designing as it also started an SMS service which was used to forward important small messages to other mobile users and/or Pagers (a device to read SMS but the failed to proceed like a Cell phone as it was limited to read only). Fastest because the SMS works as an alternative to Letters posted via post which reaches after a long period of time as was delivered Manually & Physically whereas SMS is an instant service.

Becoming Users Friendly Mobile Phone

As the time passed, it became a bit cheaper in price and was available in more pockets, thus, it was now a user friendly device for all persons who were able to afford it. There on later some very interesting feature of games, alarm, clock, etc… which later proceeded with Music were added which became more popular and useful to it users. Due to adding features and its Mobile use it was recognized with new name “Mobile Phone”.

Color Screen Mobile Phones

Now the useful thing brought its new presence in the hands of some forwarded people who started willing to have color screen mobile phones and changed their old way to see with the colorful digital presence. The color phones attracts the users interface and made them smile with new way to see in a small device. This technology is still in use but the only color screen featured mobile phones are now limited in use.

Mobile Phones with Camera & Multimedia

As till now many people have their own Mobile Phones and due to its mobility they mostly carried along with them. Later the Mobile phone took place of Cameras by adding an inbuilt digital camera. People stared snapping via camera and saving images in computers instead of getting them developed hand to hand which saved their other expenditures of developing the images to photos to see them in actual. But no you can snap the images and see anytime on Computers without developing them into a physical printed photo on a Photo Paper.

The other Multimedia features allow users to have fun and reduce workload with the help of these Multimedia Apps. People started using their Multimedia Mobile Phones as an alternative to Ipod’s, music players, Video Games, Full Videos, Movies, Internet, document reader, alarm, reminder etc… these features changed and reduced the requirement of many various objects like Wrist Watches (now used as a trend only), Alarm (reduced the requirements of alarm clocks),

Mobile phones with Apps and Internet

The new advanced technology added additional features like emails, Internet (GPRS), Games and other tools. Mobile Phone which carried this technology, moved from the world of communication to business communication and applications with official features. They carried applications that were/are in use for the Professional users and solves various purposes.

They were also meant for carrying data which can be used for the presentations in meetings and other entertainment. These kind of phones were also used by major MNC’s in order to have a custom built apps for these Mobile Phones which was managed for online business using Internet and Billing Management Applications.

Mobile Phones became Smart Phones

Recently, the maximum appreciated software technology was launched which provided users to get various kinds of great apps and let the Mobile users to engage with online services via these kind of Mobile Phones. This category relates to Custom Software of I-Phone, Androids, and BlackBerry Software etc… and allows a dozens of apps and features to users. These Mobile phones are becoming a good alternative to Computers in many things, as they are capable of doing most of the tasks for which earlier computer system was the only option.

These kinds of Mobile Phones are available in huge list of people that most of the leading companies have started campaigning with the new technologies (Android & Custom Apps) which they supports and seems great alternatives to computer needs for small things like checking e-mail, sending mails, social networking, online sales, search engines, and shopping etc.

Smart Phones to become Modular Phones

Currently, it’s a huge gossip in relate to the newly revealed update with the Mobile technology that says “Smart Phones to Become Modular Phones”. What does this means?

Recently Motorola Technologies has said that soon the Smart Phones will come in such a way that, like currently we can replace the accessories of our Smart Phone(s), but, with the help of this technology we will be able to replace the Hardware Content of the Smart PhonesRead More about this here…

Note: all the above shared information is placed by Himanshu Goel, as far as he knew about the Life of a Mobile. If you want to say or add something please drops your messages below and it will be considered as soon as possible. Any Guesses what could be the next Updating Mobile Phones to Modular Phones…?