Ever Need a Portable Windows PC – Computer in a Dongle Stick

Hello Friends, I was wondering to see such a gadgets that can make our works easier and also, comfortable with power saving feature too and guess what I found something really which dropped my jaw down as soon as I checked this out…

Connect TV with Windows PC without a CPU Box setup

Intel Windows PC Dongle Stick

Yes, I am talking about a fully featured and powered portable Windows PC in our pocket. I was checking about such a gadget and found that it is on the way now… The Intel Technology have done once again making Micro Computers with Major Capabilities

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Configuration of this Portable Computer Stick in Dongle Form

CPU – Powered with Intel Quad-Core Atom Processors

RAM2GB RAM enough for Home Computing (project handling, presentations, documentation, even Gaming etc…)

STORAGE – It has 32GB of Flash Storage which is really fast to process every task and can be expanded with additional memory card reader and USB (hopefully 3.0).

Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 8.1

Connectivity : USB, Micro-USB, Bluetooth and Wi-fi for connecting wireless devices such as keyboard- mouse, pendrives and connecting to Internet Services via WI-FI and much more…

Power : Currently, the device is powered with micro USB but there is another provision in consideration in which the device will be powered with the HDMI port to be inserted in the TV or LED Monitor

Price Range – This Stick can range up to $150 and will be available soon in the open market. Manufacturers are in the response ASAP, well, it seems that Intel will launch it soon followed and marketed by Lenovo.

Lenovo Windows PC Dongle Stick

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Note: There is also another version of this stick at more lower budget will be released i.e. with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage with Linux Operating System rest features are same as above mentioned…