A Thought by Swami Vivekananda Ji To Keep Yourself Calm

Swami-VivekanandaWhen I Was Visiting Through A Reading Section Some Where To Search Out A New And Different Article For You Guys, Luckily I Got Stuck At A Point Where I Read The Lines Mentioned Below Which Were Said By – Swami Vivekananda Ji. Further This Thought by Swami Vivekananda Ji To Keep Yourself Calm Was Reason Of My Forward Stepping When I Had The Weak Moment Which Brought Me Near To The Frustration As I Was Already Under Some Pressure Of Workload And Couldn’t Find Out The Way To Get Rid. Then I Read…

” Jeena Saral Hai, Pyar Karna Saral Hai, Haarna Aur Jeetna Bhi Saral Hai. To Phir Kathin Kya Hai? Saral Hona Hi Bahut “Kathin” Hai ” – Said By Swami Vivekananda Ji.

Translation Of Thought In English - Its Easy To Live, Even Its Easy To Love, And Its Also Easy To Get Victory Or Get Defeated. Then What's The Tough Part ? Think - And He said "The Toughest Thing Is - To take It Easy..."

These Simple Beautiful Lines Made Me Glad And Shown A Divine Light Which Took Me To The Right Way And I Felt Calm At The Moment. And Yes The Thought Had Changed My Mind For A While, Even I Just Went Through The Previous Part Of My Life (Live Dreams – Memories) Just To Check That Where I Was Lacking Due To Which Easy Work Became Hardest One.

These Lines Also States That If You Are Calm And The Mind Is Stable Then You Can Do Every Work Easily Which In Other Sense Is A Reason To Make Impossible Things To I-M-Possible

Finally, A Tribute To Our Swami Vivekananda Ji For Presenting Wonderful Thoughts To Us And Showed Us The Right Path Which According To Me States ” Not To Lose Hope In Life, And Whenever You Fear Just Recall Yourself In A Flashback To See Where Or What Are You Missing

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Himanshu Goel