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We All Have Been Hearing About The French Red Wine Which Is Loaded With Substances Improving Blood Vessels, Which Turn Out With Many Health Benefits Achieved Via Teetotaler’s Special Grape Juice. This Is The Reason For A Country People Who All Are Eating So Much And Still Have A Low Rate Of Heart Diseases.

The Benefits Of Grape Juice And Red Wine Hit The Brain As Well As The Heart Because Of No Alcohol Content Present In Red Wine Which Doesn’t Just Solves The French Paradox. Natural Plant Chemicals That Act As Antioxidants And Benefits The Brain Which Is Extracted Out Of Grape Juice Stem. These Antioxidants Helps Brain In Ways As When Cells Burn Oxygen For Energy, The Anti-Oxidants Mop Up The Harmful Free Radicals Generated. (Also See Benefits Of Grapes)

As We All Know That The Brain Is The Body’s Biggest Oxygen User Which Is Dependent On A Constant Flow Of Blood, The General Antioxidant Activity Protects The Heart As Well As Protects The Brain. Grape Juices Flavonoids Helps Keeping The Arteries Clear By Reducing The Production Of Clotting Factors Due To The Increase Of Production Of Nitric Oxide Which Is A Substance To Keep The Arteries Open.

red-wineThere’s A Hint With The Studies That Consuming Daily A Glass Of Grape Juice Is A Factor To Reduced Blood Pressure. As The Presence Of Flavonoids Increases The Growth Of HDL Cholesterol (Good) & On The Other Hand Reduces Clogged Arteries Which Are A Factor Due To LDL Cholesterol (Bad). Also, Flavonoids Are The Reason For The Different Colors Of Grapes As Research Says Antioxidants Are Reasonable To This. (Some Major Reasons Of Grape Juice Being Healthy )

The Experiments At Tufts University Suggest That Grape Juice May Improve The Strength, Memory, And Coordination Of Laboratory Rats Which States That The Antioxidants In Grape Juice May Also Protect Brain Cells Directly. Grapes When Compared To Concord Grape Juice, The Juices Turn Out To Be More Potent Source Of Antioxidants. That’s Because Most Of The Fabulous Flavonoids Are In The Skin And Seeds Of Grapes, And In The Process Of Making Red Juice Or Wine, The Skin And The Seeds Stay Mixed With The Flesh For An Extended Period Of Time, Allowing The Flavonoids To Seep Into The Juice.

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Concord Grape Juice Contains Proanthocyanidins Which Is Particularly The Richest One Amongst Heart-Healthiest Flavonoids Type. It’s Easy To Work Grape Juice Into Your Diet, Says Registered Dietitian Ruth Carey. She Suggests That One Or Two Servings Of Juice Make Up Part Of Your Recommended Daily Five To Nine Servings Of Fruits And Vegetables. Since Grape Juice Does Contain Sugar, You Shouldn’t Drink It As A Replacement For Water, But Rather As A Replacement For Sodas And Flavored Beverages And As A Complement To Meals. A Grape Juice When Made By Mixing Juice With Seltzer Makes A Refreshing Treat.

You’ll Get A Glassful Of Heart And Brain Benefits From Either French Red Wine Or American Concord Grape Juice. Grape Juice Does Have One Advantage, Though: Kids Can Drink It Too.



Grapes Are Very Useful For Health!!!!

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