Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update – Android One

Hello Friends, It is really interesting that Google is up to the promise of Latest Android Version in Android One Series… Recently, I viewed an Android 6.0 Update in Android One and it surely gives some really different features from the last one (Android 5.0 Lollipop)…

android marshmallow

Liked Features (Major) :-

  • Faster System
  • Individual Inbuilt Battery Management for Apps Internal and External.
  • All Apps on one screen in Menu Grid.
  • SIM Management – Options for default Data SIM changed to preferred Data SIM and therefore Data Usage can be active with any SIM (In case o multi SIM support smartphone)
  • Separate Data Roaming Options for each SIM | Network Service Provider
  • Sound and Notifications have been modified with much more inbuilt options for which many apps were used and the best part is that you can set individual notifications systems for every app apart from system default notification system.
  • In Application Management (APPS), there are separate statistics and other memory usage options.
  • Storage is Turned to Storage and USB – and this provides a huge opportunity to Smartphone with lower inbuilt memory and is the Best Upgrade I can ever imagine in Android i.e. you can convert your external storage Memory Card to integrate and work as Inbuilt memory which can be used to install all kind of Media, data and Applications.
  • File Manager – another major advantage is for some smartphone that do not provided inbuilt File Manager specially Android One Series which is now fulfilled now in a smart way. Earlier when we go to Storage option there we were able to view the memory used by system, cache, apps, media etc… but now we can see the list of devices connected as well as explore them from there itself like File Manager and even Access files directly.
  • Memory Usage Average – Yes, memory i.e. RAM usage is now calculated on the basis of hours and day.
  • Accessibility has increased features and options such as services that are used in background of some inbuilt apps can be stopped.

UN-Liked Features (Major) :-

  • All Profiles were set to default and need to be managed once again.
  • In Application Manager (APPS) – earlier there were filtration of APPS according to their storage and installation type i.e. Downloaded, Inbuilt, Move, Disabled etc. But now You can find only All Apps, Disabled, Enabled only.
  • Memory (RAM) – unable to view current memory usage as stats have a minimum average of 3 hrs.

Well, there are too many things but Major Reasons have been shared to upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow Version. Rest you guys can share your views over the same and will may find what to be suggested to Android Developers to adjust in their next version.