Everything You Need to Know About Mobile App Searching

Designing, coding, testing, and releasing a new mobile app takes a huge amount of time and effort. But unfortunately, that is often the easiest part of creating a successful app – promoting apps and getting your app onto the phones and tablets of users can be far more challenging.

One of the most important things to do in order to boost downloads is to make sure that your app comes up when people search for it on the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Over 80% of all quality organic downloads come from searching directly in these stores themselves, so it is vital that you optimize your apps page to turn up in search results.

App Store Optimization

Known as App Store Optimization (ASO), every app developer needs to know at least the basics, as a well-optimized page might make the difference between having a million downloads instead of one thousand. Some of the factors that enter into where mobile apps rank in app stores include the total number of downloads, the growth of downloads over time, positive user ratings, number of uninstalls, and how often people use the app.

While encouraging people to leave positive ratings and building an app that people will want to use every day is part of the development process, some simple tweaks to your app’s page can improve some of the other factors. Simply putting your primary keyword in the title of the app can have a huge impact on ranking, while using the keyword an additional four to five times in your description also leads to more hits.

App Store Optimization Stats

Of course, getting people to your app’s page is one thing, but getting them to download the app is a different manner. That’s why you want to make the page as appealing as possible, with gorgeous screen shots, professional written descriptions, and even promotional videos. Impress users, and your downloads will skyrocket in no time.