Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Comparison

Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra Vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Comparison

Asus and Samsung, the two big heads in the game of phones, are slaying it again with killer looks and superb performance. The two companies have created an exquisite ecosystem for seamless work play and are dominating with their latest offerings- the Galaxy S7 and the ZenFone 3 series.

Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy S7

While Galaxy S7 dominates in the high-end category, the third generation of ZenFones focuses on the “value for money prospect”. This includes ZenFone 3, ZenFone 3 Deluxe and the biggest of them all, ZenFone 3 Ultra. All of them stand out in their own way, but it is the “Ultra” sized variant that pits against most high-end players, even against the S7. The device has got unparalleled looks and specs and can definitely redefine the big-screen smartphone segment.

They two giants have a lot in common, but they have some intriguing tweaks as well. Let’s check them out!

Design and Build Quality

On the first look, you could easily make out the big difference, saying ZenFone 3 Ultra is way bigger than Galaxy S7. The two phones boast a metal construction, but apart from build, there’s a lot more to like about them!

Samsung Galaxy S7 looks like a mix of metal and glass. The handset boasts a super-impressive profile with a slew of refinements and Gorilla Glass 4 on its front and back. It packs a clean metal body with curved sides and slips nicely into one hand. The minimalistic design concept works perfectly and the fingerprint scanner mixed with the home-button responds within half a second.

Even ZenFone 3 Ultra is a brilliant masterpiece. The device boasts a massive profile, and gives a firm grip with its metal built antenna-less back. For the first time, Asus has opted for the invisible antenna concept and has created a clean gapless phone to lure its fans. It flaunts 0.18mm diamond-cut finish on the sides, and looks majestic from all angles. You cannot match this phablet with S7 standards, but that does not mean there isn’t any charm in it.


As for visual experience, there’s a tempting package on both ends. ZenFone 3 Ultra brings a bigger display, while S7 has a sharper one. They both endow crisp and lifelike output, but if you’re looking for a detailed viewing trip, we suggest going for S7 as the better option. The handset ships with a beautifully crafted 5.1-inch Quad-HD Super AMOLED display and makes a perfect package for gamers and movie-buffs. It comes protected with Gorilla Glass 4 on-the-top and also includes a new Always-on feature which keeps on displaying important information on the screen, but doesn’t consumes excessive juice from the battery.

Samsung Galaxy S7

On the other side, the display on ZenFone 3 Ultra is sharp, but much bigger than the one on Galaxy S7. It’s a 6.8-inch full-HD panel, promising an exemplary big-screen experience with punchy colours and immaculate viewing angles. It features sufficient pixels with Gorilla Glass 4 protection, and powers up with ASUS Tru2Life+ technology found in the latest 4K UHD TVs. This technology packs motion-estimation and motion-compensation (MEMC) algorithms and ensures crisp and blur-free content even in broad daylight.

Hardware and Performance

As per 91mobiles, ZenFone 3 Ultra and Galaxy S7 are real world performers. The two beauties handle multi-tasking effectively and deliver seamless performance without any snags or hiccups. They both make a nice package, but under the hood, Galaxy S7 is the winner. The device ships with Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 820 SoC and holds more than enough power to run as many apps as you desire. It’s the strongest Galaxy ever and is nicely backed by 4GB of RAM, Adreno 530 graphics, and 32/64 gigs of built-in storage. Samsung, correcting its previous mistake, has also introduced a microSD card slot on this beast!

ZenFone 3 Ultra also has a strong set of specs, but the device is not at par with Galaxy S7 or its dual Edged variant. The humongous phablet ships with an octa-core Snapdragon 652 chip paired with 4GB of RAM and 32/64/128 GB of inbuilt storage. Its benchmarks are pretty good, but you might have to make do with minor lags or other snafus!

Camera Experience

We all want a phone that not only looks or performs good but also captures true-to-life shots in all environments. It is the most basic thing that could be expected from a phone, especially when it is price above par. Lucky for us, in this case, there’s no such thing as a bad or a weak phone. We have two superb camera phones using which we can have picture-perfect shots even in low-light conditions. That’s the beauty of Samsung and Asus. Both Galaxy S7 and ZenFone 3 Ultra pack a strong punch with their respective camera sensors. Samsung boasts a 12-megapixel f/1.7 shooter with its flagship, while ZenFone 3 Ultra brings a 23-megapixel sensor with an aperture as wide as f/2.0. They both produce exceptional shots with superb focus speed, but again Galaxy S7 stands out with its wider aperture and advanced video capture capabilities. The handset allows more light into the sensor and produces vibrant shots even in a dark room.

OS and Software

With Android 6.0 Marshmallow on the top, Samsung has improved the flavour of its highly touted TouchWiz, while ZenFone has given a design overhaul and feature improvements in its Zen UI.

Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra

However, despite front-end improvements in ZenUI 3.0, TouchWiz still comes on the top. Samsung’s interface is cleaner and snappier, while ZenUI still has huge amount of bloatware on first boot. The UI is extremely intuitive, colourful, and interactive, but Samsung has followed the basics and has made a very impressive skin to play around. It looks close to stock Android and flaunts a number of Samsung and Android specific qualities.

Battery Life

Galaxy S7 sports a sharp display, but not a big battery to comprehend its performance. The handset sucks a huge amount of power and takes the entire 3000 mAh battery down by the end of the day. However, ZenFone 3 Ultra brings full-HD at its best with a massive 4600 mAh battery. The battery used on this device performs tremendously and keeps up with heavy usage even after one or one and half day!

Seeing these differences on 91mobiles, one could easily make out that apart from screen-size and battery life, Galaxy S7 stands out in all areas. The handset has got an exceptional package on offer, but for that you’ll have to pay more as well. ZenFone 3 Ultra is a tad more affordable and for a price under 30k, it will lure big-screen lovers in India and in other countries.