Benefits of Using Microsoft’s Edge Browser with Windows 10

Hello Guys ! After so long we are back with a new topic and this is really going to be lovely and I hope you all will going to have benefits of it. This is none other than – Additional Source of Online Income.

This is really amazing and unique that a company is giving money to use their products and services. Yes, you are reading correct that a company is providing a product to use and will pay for its use.

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Most of us are familiar with Windows 10 and using it daily, but many of us are using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for internet surfing whereas, Windows 10 has a inbuilt browser i.e. Microsoft’s Edge which is equally good and better than Internet Explorer and other older Browsers.


Using Microsoft Edge for more than 30 Hours a Month will lead you to win exciting discount vouchers that can be redeemed at places like Amazon, Starbucks, Skype and ad-free version of

Why to use Microsoft’s Edge Browser in Windows 10 ?

Note: For this Online Income you need to use Edge Browser for at least 30 Hours/Month


Microsoft is surely taking these steps to bring users back on to Microsoft ‘s All New Browser – EDGE that it is really good enough to use comparing to Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox obviously and that so with gaining additional benefits and vouchers.

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