Android Smartphone Devices seems Stupid, Money Wastage

Android Smartphone Devices seems Stupid to me, a Money Wastage Product/Device.

Yes, you Looked and Read this correctly, that Android Smartphone seems Stupid to me and I am saying this knowingly after analyzing it personally.

First of all let me tell you clearly that I admires the flexibility, uniqueness, User-Interface, Benefits and Technology of Android Software and its numerous helpful apps and tools, as well as I salute to the great features it provided to the World of Communication and Entertainment. My Desires list have one Android for me, but stopped due to following reasons:

Things I hate about Android

Note: I said that Android Smartphone seems Stupid to me, not the Android Operating System or its applications. Read it carefully and you may accept what I said…

Why I don’t like Android Smartphone?

Recently, I checked out some cool Android Smart Phones but decided to wait for an Android Application based Phone, after viewing this Funny Video {combo tag} (below) & Using Android on Windows PC. I was at the store, to finally have an Android Software Based Mobile known as Smartphone, and viewed too many models of Samsung, Micromax, Intex, Apple etc. (No Nokia – Because I hate Nokia).

Isn’t it too Funny but Appreciable

According to this Video and, the clear wordings of the Seller was same that these application based Phones are not so good in case of Battery back Ups, Durability and most important Reliability. Therefore, it can be a risk of having low battery or shutdown in case you are away from home.

Ha Ha Ha, I know it’s funny, yes, it can be powered up anytime anywhere, but for that either we are required to carry a charger along with us or we shall ask every next person, I needs a charger, as earlier people always had one thing to say, “Bhaiya Patli Pin wala charger hai…”, “भैया पतली पिन वाला चारजर है…”.

My basic reason of avoiding an Android Device so far is that I am still interested in what I am having in my hand and the main features of Android Phone i.e. Android Apps (Basically, Messaging Apps) and Android Games (No time to play). Well, another important factor which keeps me away from this Android Circuit w/o hesitation is that I can have both the factors in my PC.

My Dell Inspiron 1545

I love my Computer (Dell Inspiron {story of my Dell}) and spend most of the time with it as you can say that hobby is a part of my business (See Why). When most of the times I have to be with my PC and cannot focus on other devices, then why to add other devices in my life…

According to ME : Moral & Conclusion

If you are a regular computer user than you can Install Android on your PC {Computer System} to avoid burden of money expenditure and device care taking.

Another thing is that – having an Android Smartphone or Non-Android Smartphone or any other Smartphone, basic funda is clear that the friends who didn’t have messaged you earlier when these apps were not available, will now send messages at ODD time, to test their Apps “LOL…”

You will surely get distracted from your Work or Studies, being busy either in gaming and/or social networking; most of the people do keep them engaged in their Smartphone.

** I am no more a good boy because “Hate is Not a Family Value” but “I hate Android” (for some personal reasons)… **

I admire and desire positive feedbacks “Share your Love…