Why & How to Install, Run Android Apps on Windows PC & Benefits

Installing Android on Personal Computer running with windows is not a Big Question now-a-days. There are many Software for Windows to be configured which allows using Android Apps and Games on a Windows PC.

Android on Windows

All you need is to have an Android Application Manager installed on your Windows PC. This kind of PC Software’s not only allows managing Android Apps on PC but also improves the Experience of Windows on your Computer System by Providing Additional Features which could only be used via Smartphone or Tablet or Something like that…

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Well, the above method will let you know some of the Best Platforms to install and run successfully Android Apps on your Windows PC. But, below let us discuss about some of the major Advantages of using an Android on Windows Computer System and Why?

About Android Smartphone’s Growth in the Communication Industry


Earlier, when Android was newly launched it was measured as another operating system for mobile generation. But slowly it emerged and acquired a large network in the Mobile Market that now Android is the best and most running Platform for Mobile Phones which turned a Mobile Phone in to a Smartphone.

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But, Smart phones with the correct configuration and features are still having a bit higher cost when compared to simple Mobile Phones (Java based). Though, Smart phones do start with a small range of Handsets but they cannot perform well, so according to me one must go with at least such a configuration that you’re Smartphone shall not make you Dumb (running always out of memory).

Why people are running towards Android Apps?

Android Running and Racing

The Android Operating System has proved itself a very powerful platform for users as it has reduced/shared the usage of Computer Systems. As the Android provides very much support as an Alternative to few computers work, like: Mailing Services, Social Networks, Document Reader, Even Digital Scanner etc…

It is really required to have android on PC for the people like me who are busy with their PC’s and cannot spend much time to focus on Mobile Communication. For people like me (Computer & Web Masters) who spends whole day in front of Computer Systems to have any kind of work along with the Internet Services, can really Enjoy Android Features on their PC’s.

How can I test Android before really start to using it?

Here comes your luck which says that to taste and use Android O.S. on PC, you are not required to have an Android Device (still Android Device works more) as you can now easily integrate Android Apps and Games on your Windows PC.

If you are aware of such software which makes your Smart PC into a Smart Android PC it’s good or else you can follow this article: see Multiple Android Platforms for PC to test various Android Software and Applications before you choose a good Android Device.

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