ISD Calls were never so Cheap Before (Skype/Viber)

We are talking about the connecting applications which allow users to stay connected via online with anyone anywhere around the world for free. Not only this but these applications also allow its users to make international calls via applications to directly on their Contact Number (Mobile or Landline Phones).

Free Global Calls

Recently, Viber has launched “Viber Out” which allows making calls on Personal Contact Numbers whereas; earlier Skype was providing this facility.

What these Software/ Applications actually do?

They are the Software’s/ Applications which allows you to exchange text messages as well as allows to you communicate via voice calls for free (app to app). More over they do allow people to call directly via app to other persons Mobile Phone and the calls can be done to the users Around the World.

Which one to be chosen between Skype and Viber?

As said above that Skype was used most widely to make calls on Local Phones via Internet Services, but, now Viber after launching “Viber Out” is not only in the same field but also providing cheaper prices compared to Skype Calling Services.

Both, also allows receiver to see your own Contact Number (via Caller’s ID) when you make calls so that, they can easily Identify your call and may respond accordingly.

What is the Difference between Skype & Viber?

The Skype is a Software for calling purposes with the users priority on Computer Systems where as Viber has its first Priority for Mobile Users.

Both the Technology is based on Desktop + Mobile Usage, but, when creating an account you are required to use you mobile number for Viber Account whereas, Skype account can be created easily with an email address.

For installing Viber account on Desktop you are required to activate it on Mobile (app format) first, whereas, Skype account can be created in both the cases and no verification is required other than E-mail verification.

According to the above Image, you can see the difference between Skype and Viber Calling Price List, which states that Viber is far cheaper than Skype Calling Services (calling for local devices only, or else via internet both are free to use).

Viber’s Advantage over Skype is being a Mobile Application first it seems that it gives better audio connectivity even at lower Bandwidth, whereas, Skype does it all same and is used more than Viber for Official Purposes…

Skype’s Advantage over Viber is that Skype is used by Facebook Calling Services and thus allows you to connect your Facebook chat and Video calling together (try this out).

Note: This is just the beginning of this technology, may in future more are coming in the list, but for now you can try these services and opt which one is better for you (hopefully both are usable at their ends).

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