Scheduled Post not published in WordPress Error Missed Schedule

Hi Dear Friends!

Firstly, wishes to all – A Very Very Happy New Year!

News, I am happy to be back after vacations (Trip to Andhra Pradesh, INDIA) and this is my First Post on the Auspicious Day of New Year.

Recently, I had planned some useful Articles filled with some great tips on about “Installing Android on Windows“,”Creating a Scheduled Post“,”Stupid Android Smartphones” but, system missed to publish them on time and finally, Today itself they have been published successfully.

WordPress Error Fix

Well, this was really embarrassing that the plan of Scheduled Posts Failed due to system issues but no worries for you guys as I have cleared up this mess for you all in advance so you shall not face the same issues…

What was the actual Problem faced recently?

As I have recently posted about managing WordPress Blogs even if you are going away from your PC for a long period of time say about a week or more… and you can keep complete posts or articles which are required to be posted on a specific date or time. For this WordPress has a feature that allows you to schedule posts to be automatically published at a specified time.

But, what we are going to discuss now is the issue which I have faced when I was all set for you but, something happened due to which the schedule post feature failed. Luckily I have searched and found out an easy solution or trick for this issue preventing the missing schedule error. In this article, you will learn How to Fix the Missed Schedule Post Error in WordPress.

How to solve this Error and let our Plans to Work?

As usual you are required to use a WordPress PluginWP Missed Schedule” to solve this thing. Best thing about using this Plugin is that it is a script based WP-Plugin which doesn’t required any additional setting to run its Function.

To download this plugin use this link: WP Missed Schedule

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What is the Functionality of WP Missed Schedule?

The functionality of this WP-Plugin is very simple and useful to the point so that in future you won’t be able to miss any scheduled posts. If WP Missed Schedule finds such a posts or pages that have missed the actual publishing time which was schedule, then it will publish them correctly as soon as it catches them on time. To save resources on your server, it does this every 5 minutes and fixes 5 items in each cycle.

This is how I required this solution and sharing with you all so that you don’t gets the same. This solution is applied with the latest WordPress 3.8 edition and is working absolutely fine here and shall work with some older versions after 3.5.1 too.

Special Suggestion regarding this WordPress Plugin

You can Install Plugin now or anytime you need but you shall activate and deactivate this Plugin when not in use to save server load and let your WordPress run happier than ever with lowest number of WordPress Plugins running together.

Well, you must activate this Plugin only when you set some scheduled posts for future.

Also, do activate this Plugin when you keep scheduled posts for the first time and or if your server is working fine as this won’t let you down, deactivate after use.

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Note: To test this WP Plugin I have scheduled this post and the results are in front of you. If you ever face this issue than you must give it a try like we do from now on… If you are still having the problems, or you found another fix, then please let us know in the comments below.