Another Wireless Technology with Over a Range of 1KM – Flutter Wireless

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I am sure many or say most of you won’t know about this new technology we are going to talk about today. As we all know that our world is running with Gadgets and Technology, where numerous of developers works just to create new mode/ level of technology.

This is really another successful step towards the growth of technology. This time we really got a long distance covering thing which Connects with Over a Range of 1 K.M. which is known as Flutter Wireless Technology.

About Flutter

Just like in addition to the family of wireless connectivity Tools like Bluetooth and then Wi-Fi now we have Flutter which easily connects to other computer networks either via USB to a PC or over Wi-Fi or Ethernet with Flutter Network Shield or over Bluetooth with Bluetooth Shield.

Portability with Bluetooth Devices

Portable Gadgets

Usage with Bluetooth is very useful as when Connecting Flutter using Bluetooth Technology, you are not required to use any Internet Access or any Wi-Fi Router services as a medium. In fact, it connects directly to the Flutter Network and works fine with all the features. Talking about mobile devices which are successfully running with Bluetooth Connectivity you can easily convert your Mobile Bluetooth Network into a class Flutter Network.

Important Features of Flutter

Flutter allows you to send commands easily in the network and also allows to easily manage multiple devices together.

According to Creators of Flutter Wireless Technology it is:

  1. 1000+ meters in Range
  2. 1.2 mbps with max data rate
  3. 915 MHz operating frequency
  4. 3.3v system voltage
  5. 10-40ma current draw equivalent to normal usage
  6. Mesh Networking
  7. Cryptographic Key Storage
  8. Atmel SAM3s ARM CPU at 64MHz

> Flutter is a $20 wireless ARM development board with over 1 km (half-mile) range; secured using 256-bit AES encryption.

What are the uses of this Flutter Device?

Flutter devices can be used to connect any kind of devices that needs a wireless network. i.e. it can be used for Gaming Consoles, Remote Controls, Toy Cars, Data Transferring Tools etc…

Flutter is an 100% Open Source absolutely free for usage with Hardware and Software permissions, with permissive copyleft licenses that allow you to build your own products with flutter. – Flutter

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  1. What about the potential use in India? Is it legal to operate on frequencies 868 and 915 MHz in India? If not, there are going to be legal issues with every potential application!

    1. Hello Ankit,
      This is a device only and will have to be designed under all terms and conditions and if doesn’t goes through it then, hopefully there would be upgrades to it or may be kept out of use in INDIA…
      Secondly, the device is created outside INDIA, so would have been developed according to there, I have dropped a query on behalf of you and as soon as I gets any feedback, will be updated to you…

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