Biggest CyberAttack Day, Accounts and Emails Hacked

Hey Guys! Don’t take chances and be sure to make a better Password for your Site Login and Email Login as well as other official Accounts. Today, According to TOI’s article Cyber Attack have created another history with more than 360 Million Accounts & 1.25 Billion Email Accounts Hacked.

According to the Hacking News Update Feb’2014

Worlds Biggest Cyber Attack

In London, a security firm has stumbled upon a World’s Biggest Cyber Attack which kept the cache of huge personal data on sale. There was a single hacking made with the 105 million records at the same moment which made it the largest data stealing in the cyber crime history.

See: Full Story on TOI

This cyber attack includes email hacked from all major email service providers like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo etc… Guys this is really terrifying and moreover, they have cleaned up the adobe’s encrypted secured data also.

Suggestions and Advices to all our Friends

It is advised to all of you change the passwords as soon as possible of your Accounts starting with the Email & Bank Accounts…

Though they have crossed the encrypted data too, it is still required to make strong passwords using small+caps+numbers+symbols and ignore all common things between usernames and passwords.

Try enabling a 2-step verification process (mostly available) which makes it more secure as the other person do have password but still requires a confirmation code to enter…

checking your accounts regularly and last activities made so that anything which conflicts your mind can be cached as soon as possible and disconnect to any external services.

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