Choose Best Places of INDIA to Trip this Winter

Hello Friends! What’s the plan this Winter.

Winters are the perfect timings to think for a place to visit and have a little bit fun. As this is the time that people don’t need to think too much to go out as this time they are chilling at their own destinations (most of the Places – considering Hometown) and can make a trip to anywhere in INDIA as the place can either be more chilling or a bit warmer. In both the cases you can Enjoy yourselves with the new place residing and foods, as well as you can see the secret and sacred places around the Country.

Also: Want to see something abroad (Around the World)

Well, as we all know that INDIA is a Land of LOVE. People here lives together with a warm family feeling, in fact, they believe and follows one Principle of “अतिथि देवो भवा” i.e. “every visitor is equivalent to GOD”. Moreover, every part of the Country is full of wonders and surprises to see and enjoy.

Another important thing is that currently the INDIA is going through its Peak Tourism period. In INDIA, at domestic level people likes to visit warmer places near to equator, Historical and Sacred places (loved throughout the year) and foreigners (Non-INDIAN Visitors) too like to visit now because of their favorable climate conditions. Moreover, places of INDIA are really safer to travel even alone.

So here is the list of some Top and Best listed places for you to enjoy in INDIA this Winters…

Kerala: God’s own Country

Well, this place is at its best throughout the year and remains as it is. Western Ghats and brackish lagoons or the backwaters bestow a unique charm on Kerala’s appeal. The major reason to top Kerala in the list of Tourism places is that it gives all what you need…

What kind of destination you can search to go for, it has all: Backwaters, Beaches, Spice Gardens, Tea Plantations, Ayurveda, Eco-tourism and Abundant Wildlife.

Goa: Favorable Honeymoon Destinations

Goa is really a beautiful place between the Western Ghat & Arabian Sea, a part of INDIA. This place is filled with Joy and Adventure, you can check out World Class numerous beaches and casinos. There is a good Night Life entertainment in Goa which won’t let you come back or making it boring.

Apart from this you can Make a Trip to Goa and enjoy the Food, Nature, Environment & Wildlife. Well, it is really late to let you know but GOA rocks at the time of Christmas and New Year with the Special Thrown Functions & Parties…

Kashmir: Paradise on Earth

This place is also known as “Heaven on Earth”, and really this place is. You can check out Kashmir for its Greenery, Hills, ICE & Snowfall, Lakes, Clouds, Mountains etc… there is no end to the description of its beauty. You must catch this place even once if you ever get a chance. This place is chilling throughout the year, but, talking about Winters it won’t let you stop from catching lifetime moments.

Some of the most popular destinations in Kashmir include Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Srinagar and Sonamarg. People around the world visit Mughal Gardens which is located in Srinagar, whereas the Gondola Ride in Gulmarg is favorite activity of couples and families.

Rajasthan: Royal Place, Land of Maharajas

The name itself describes the place as “Raja + sthan”,“राजस्थान” ( राजा means kings + स्थान means Place in hindi) i.e. Land of Kings. One of the most Traditional & Romantic place kept still as a Royal Land of Maharajas. All Country people loves to visit this place again and again and enjoys all kind of Food and visiting Temples, Forts etc. this land is filled with things to do but never gets finished.

Visit in Rajasthan, you can see numerous Mighty Fortresses, Scintillating Palaces, Traditional Dance and Arts. There are plenty of activities that can be done in Rajasthan and even a regular visitor finds it difficult to choose new things or last visited.

Islands: Andaman & Nicobar

If you are Nature Lover and or just want to have a Tour to some nice and different place, I must tell you this place is Awesome. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a part of INDIA, one of the best locations for Honeymoon Destinations.

You can enjoy Forests “जंगल”, Ancient काला पानी, Kala Pani Jail, and Beaches (as islands are covered with water), and Fresh Green Coconuts etc… Kids damn enjoys this place due to the Greenery all around as well as the water games and atmosphere. This place will definitely give you all precious moments of life.

Islands: Lakshadweep

World’s most tropical Island system with a 32km2 area and around 36 Islands surrounded by 4200 km2 of Lagoon rich in marine wealth. You must visit Lakshadweep Islands as it is becoming a global beach destination in India with a variety of coconut groves, turquoise lagoons, coral reefs, friendly hospitality and salubrious climatic conditions,. This 100% Natural Island is ideal for honeymoon, marine exploration and water sports.

Kullu Manali – Hill Stations

One of the favorite and loveliest destinations is Kullu Manali in INDIA, special place for Honeymoon tours and holiday trips. This place is really beautiful with various activities to choose from, such as, Mall Road, adventure parks, river sports, Icy-mountains, and all what you can think and demand on a Hill Station.

Well, Trip to Kullu and Trip to Manali are 2 different locations where Kullu is a low lying area with lush natural surroundings, Manali is a place where couples could enjoy adventure sports and frolic in snow. This time the Manali is really going to be freezing and you can enjoy all what winters can provide you. You won’t be facing any issues with the Food and Shelter as both are available at their very best.

Other than this, there are ancient temples, sports like paragliding etc. and picturesque ambiance that makes Manali a preferable destination even during winters.

Shimla: Queen of Hills

Shimla is the beauty of Himachal Pradesh is not so high on Mountains and it now established as a beautiful place, another most popular Honeymoon Destination in INDIA. This place is a Real Gem where you do not have to do much but in the end you realize that you have done more than you could.

A Trip to Shimla During winters, you can see there a Mall Road which gets packed with couples. Though it is a Hill Station people do visits to see its Charm and Modernity which excites all visitors.

Delhi: A Tale of Two Cities

Finally, how can we forget about the INDIA’s Capital “Delhi” the place sprinkled with spectacular monuments, lush gardens and an array of architectural marvels?

A trip to Delhi will be great fun as it is a place which is very hot in Summers and oppositely very chilling in Winters, thus people loves this city in Winters too. You can see 3 fascinating World Heritage Sites: Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort and Qutub Minar – a Group of Monuments. Recently constructed Lotus Temple and Akshardham Temple are also becoming spectacular monuments high on the list in Delhi.

What to say about Delhi, this Land is filled with all desires gives you everything starting from Income i.e. Huge Business Empires to Expenditure i.e. best Shopping Outlets to get all desired products within your Budgets.

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  1. Such a top most beautiful places listed above for travel. It is a great opportunity for us to choose one of from it so i prefer Kerala, it is the green land and more beautiful place for honeymooners.

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