Conditions Of RTV’s And Their Passengers In Actual & Virtual World

Friends, As You All Know That His Is INDIA Where The Maximum Honor And Respect Is Provided To Female(S) Around The World Because The Females Are Also Very Shy In Nature And Respect The Country People (Assumptions Yet, I Believe). Well, Today While Surfing Over Facebook And Checking What New Is Happening I Saw A Video (You Can & You Must See Below) Which Reveals The Truth.

This Video May Be Used By Someone For A Funny Experience But I Felt That This Video Teaches Something To All And Makes Us Aware That Something Is Still Going So Wrong. I Mean, There Are Sometimes When “Shit Happens” But There Is Always A Time When “Happening Becomes A Shit” Please Check This Out And Leave Your Comments & Share This Everywhere To Aware People About This Act So That They Might Not Become The Next One…

This May Be Related To Some Other Purpose But Dear Ones I Would Really Wanna Appreciate *(Girls That Doesn’t States That I Don’t Respect You) That Boy Because We All Know That, At The Times Today Is Going On The Girls Are Not At The Safe Side But Even Not Every Man Wanna Harm You………

Girls Should Be Respected But Boys Should Also Be Honored.

There Is A Saying :-A Bad Fish Makes The Whole Pond Dirty” – This Line Itself States That If The Bad Guys Excluded Than There Are Real Care Takers, Who Respect You And Can Fight For You…. JAI HIND…. 😀



Himanshu Goel