Congrats! INDIANS Its 160th Anniversary Of INDIAN Passenger Trains Since 16,April’1853


I Proud To Be An INDIAN And We Should All Be Proud After All The Things Happening Around The Country Whether In Favour Or Against Social Activities, Still There Are Respecting Things Around The World.

The Most Important Thing I First Noticed Was Google’s Respect And Yes This Is An Honour And Pride For Us (INDIANS) That It’s Been 160-Years Of INDIAN Railways Passenger Train Services Since 16th April 1853. And The Thing Is Openly And Respectfully Shared By The Google On Its Home Screen.

Today, 16th April 2013, Google Is Sharing The 160th Anniversary Of Indian Passenger Railways With The Google Doodle (Image Shown Above) On Its INDIAN Homepage. According To The Knowledge Gained By Me So Far It Is Clear That The 1st Passenger Train On That Day (160yrs Back) Was Started Between Bombay To Thane With The Total Covering Distance Area Of 34kms.

The Impressing Way Of Google Respecting The First Indians Passenger Train Journey Is With The Replace Of Google’s O With The Trains Face (As You Can See In The Above Image).

Story (Moral) :-

I Have Been Hearing For So Long From So Many And Few Days Back Even I Was In Same Terms To Say And Believe That No Future Here In India But When This Thing Was Cleared By One Of My Senior With The Statement That If You Think You Cant Go Far Then Leave India. Yes, He Said Exactly To Me With The Explanation That India Or Laws Of India Is Not Gonna Stop You Go Out And Make Future Or Else Stay Here And Start Changing Things According To You For The Better Future Of Yours As Well As INDIA. So, Today To All Indians My Statement Is Same As I Heard Earlier That Stay And Show Something To Come Up In The Eyes Of World Because This Is The Land Of Legends Which Give Respects And Earn Respects.

{Check Out Some Google Doodle}

Similarly, Learn From Google Who Is Showing The Whole Respect Of The Country With The Justification In Google News And The Doodle Image As Which Appears Individually On The Home Screen.

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