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What Is A PDF Document …? Why We Need PDF Converter…?

The PDF Stands For Portable Document Format A Kind Of A Document Which Has A Fixed Layout And Is Meant For Secure Documentation & Which Consists Of Different Text, Fonts, Graphical Icons Along With The Necessary Displayed Information. It Also Has An Additional Quality Of Protecting Documents With A Password Protection Feature So That No One Can Easily Make Changes Into Your Document Created. The Versatile Nature Of PDF Allows It To Transform From Any Available Format Of A Document. (Click Here To Know How To Create Password For PDF Files)

What Is A Do PDF And What Are The Additional Features It Provides…?

As You Can See Above 2 Images(2nd By Mouse Over The Picture) That The DO PDF Is In The List Of Printers Available Of The System. So Basically, Do PDF Is A Software Which Creates A Virtual Printer Connected Internally In Your Computer System. This Is A Printer Action Which When Commanded With A Print Command Lets The Content To Follow Up In A PDF File. This Means That You Can Create Any PDF File From Any Of The Document Available On Your Computer Whether It Is Connected To Word File, Excel File, PPT File, Image Etc… It Can Convert Any Kind Of File From Your Computer Which Has A Tendency Of Getting Printed Out With A Normal Printer Settings. Do PDF Lets You To Have A Saved Copy Of Your Internet Online Documents That Has To Be Printed Out As A Receipt, Online Form Submissions Or Something Else And Similarly, Can Be Used For Various Purposes Which Relates To Document(S). Now, You Can See How To Use :

As You Can See In The Above 2 Pictures(2nd On Mouse Over The Image) – >

  • 1st Comes When You Choose To Create A PDF Document By DO PDF W/O Using A Print Command i.e. You Opens Either From Start Menu Or From Shortcut Icon To Open The Do PDF Window. Here You Can Select By Browsing Any Document Or A Printable Image Etc… Which Is Presented In The List Automatically If Supported By DO PDF & Can Be Created By Clicking The Button Create As A PDF File (Not Harming The Original One)
  • 2nd Image Shows The Final Ok After The Print Command Settings(You Can See In Below Images) Where You Can Choose The Saving Folder And Other Quality Size Features Before The Final Saving And After That Click OK The Task Is Done. Within Seconds You Can See PDF Pop-Up With The Converted File Opened (Already Saved). Now, You Can See Some Options Available In Between The Print Command Of The Document Before Finalization.

Above, You Can See Again 2 Images (1 On 1)

  • 1st One Is For Word Options While Printing A Document. These Settings Are Opened By Clicking Over The Options Button At Last (As You Can The Left Side Of The Above Images) By Default And Works Fine. Well, In Any Case If You Need You Can Customize These Settings Accordingly.
  • 2nd Image Shows The Properties(Opened By Clicking The Properties Button Situated Right To The Printer Selection) For The Output Of The Document To Be Printed In Accordance To The Size (L*B) Including The Way i.e. Portrait Or Landscape. Also You Can Set The Resolution (DPI) And The Scaling Width Compared To Normal Results In Percentage. Then Press OK And Print The Document (In PDF) – Done.

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