How Can We I Survive A Heart Attack When Alone

How Can We/I Survive A Heart Attack When Alone?

Yes, You All Must Be Thinking What A Shit Is Happening And I Am Talking About But Dear People These Things Actually Works In Real Life. Getting Birth In Life Is A Life Process But Getting It In A Perfect Manner Is Real Life Or Else Shit Happens!

Heart Attack

Well, We Are Going To Talk About The Topic (Extremely Important – So Plz Share) That How A Person Can Service When He/ She Is Alone And Suffers A Heart Attack. Just By Keeping Few Things In Mind One Can Really Be Safe At The Time Of Heart Attack That’s So W/O Help Of Any Other Person, As When There’s An Attack A Person Gets About 10seconds Of Feeling To Be Faint Before Losing Complete Consciousness.

Well, Before Losing Complete Consciousness, The Victim Can Help Them By Following Some Ways To Save Them Or Let Others To Reach For Help.

  • A Victim Should Start Coughing Vigorously And Repeatedly Along With A Deep Breath Before Every Time You Go For Coughing.
  • The Cough Must Be Very Deep And Prolonged From Deep Inside The Chest While Producing Sputum (Liquid From Throat Or Lungs).
  • This Should Be Repeated In Every 2 Seconds (A Breath And A Cough) Without A Break, Until Help Arrives, Or The Heart Is Felt To Be Beating Normally Again.

How Will These Works In Saving From A Heart Attack….?

See, If You Are Continuously Coughing And Taking Deep Breaths Than You Are Providing Required Oxygen To The Body And Coughing Will Going To Squeeze The Heart Continuously Which Won’t Let Heart To Stop Work, Hence The Blood Circulation Will Continue. With The Pressurized Pumping Of The Heart Can Also Retain Heart Beats Normally. In This Way, Heart Attack Victims Can Get To A Hospital.

Some Cardiologists Say If Everyone Who Gets This Info Sends Or Share With 10 People; You Can Bet That They’ll Save At Least Few Lives. (My Grandfather Was A Victim Of Heart Attack – I Wish I Could Knew This At That Time, Could Might Help) – Share And Make Other Aware About These Important Things Which Is Really Essential For Someone…..

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Himanshu Goel