How To Keep Your DeskTop Clean & Safe Your Data

So, Lets Talk About The Desktop

As We All Uses Computer In Our Daily Life Routine And As Soon As We Power On To See The Computer System We Saw Mostly Desktop As 1st Thing (Some See Enter Password Or In Case Of Win-8 -> Lol). So, I Was Talking About Using Which Starts From The Desktop Part Of The Windows, After That We Proceed With What We Desire.

Well, Above Neat And Clean Image Shows My Computer’s Desktop Screen Of Windows 7 – Which I Am Using Currently (From The Day I Had Been Using Computers). The Most Important Thing Is That It Is Really An Important Index Of Windows Which Guides Us With Features Like Shortcuts, Basic Folder To Store Data (In Case Not Decided To Store Where) After That Categorize Accordingly.

How Many Of You Know That Dirty Desktop Screens Which Contains Many Short-Cuts Icon On The Desktop And Other Folders Containing Data, Makes System Slower At The Time Of Boot. This Is Because Windows Had To Read All The Data Present On The First Image Of The Computer i.e. Desktop Along With Generating Their Thumbnails Which Takes Times To Be Processed As After Boot System Is Busy With Background Processes. Secondly, This Data Is Always Stored On The C: Drive Which Is Loaded At The Time Of Booting Period Of Windows, Those Who Are Using Only “C: Drive” Don’t Be Glad But Do Something As It Is Still On Desktop Too. Finally, If You Ever Needed To Format The Hard Disk In Case Or Your Windows Get Corrupted/ Virus-Infected Than At That Time You’ll Loose All Your Data & Will Have To Give A Fresh Start…

Solutions & Ways To Keep Desktop Clean With The Benefits Made By This Act. Below Provided 2 Images Will Show You the Difference…

1st Of All Take Away All The Data Stored On Your Desktop To Other Drives Partitions To Keep Your Data Safe And For Your Convenience You Can Send Their Shortcuts To Desktop For Using Them Direct From Desktop Position. Suggestions For Guys Only With C: Drive – Please Use The Library Folders To Keep Your Media Data & Rest Of The Data Can Also Be Store In The Main C: Drive (My Computer) And Can Easily Be Included In The Library.

Now, The Problem Is Reduced But Not Solved Completely So You Need To Go For The Next Step i.e. Create A Folder With Any Name (I Uses Desktop) And Move (Cut And Paste) All The Shortcuts To That Particular Folder, If Required Than With A Thumbnail ViewEase Of Access. This Leads To 2-3 Of Maximum Icons For Windows To Load On The Next Boot Time And Will Feel Lighter To Load Which Co-Incidentally Going To Work Faster.

Note : People Who Are Using More Than C: Drive Has The Benefit Of Not-Losing Data In Case Of Bad Times Except For The Dead Condition Of The Storage Device/Drive. And Only C: Drive Users Has The Benefits Of Faster Moving Files From One Place To Another But Can Easily Loose Data – So It Is Recommended To Make More Than C: Drive. (Click Here To See How)

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