How To Add Videos In Our Blogs Sites From Youtube & Other Sites

As far as I am concerned with the wordpress and html codes, using a video or an image was never too far for me. Using a video in our blog or website is as easy as watching a video or may be more easier than that (as watching needs buffering – lol).

You-TubeSee: Benefits of using youtube videos in our blogs or sites (why to use videos via youtube)

Using a video from an external sources like YouTube and many more is a very simple task but requires a small knowledge of html iframe tag. So, it is assumed that you know about iframe tag (see here to know more about html iframe & Other tags)

Follow some simple steps to put a video on your blog or site:

Method 1: using embedded HTML codes (if available)

  1. Open /play the video which you are willing to use (it is assumed as already available).
  2. Now see below the video there is a share button as shown in the picture.
  3. Click on the embed button to get the codes

  1. Now copy the codes in your html page directly and is you are using wordpress than just switch over the text mode for a while and paste the codes. As shown in the picture.
  2. You can also adjust the height and width of a video embedded on your blog or site (by changing he width and height in the html codes and donot use px as there it is not included – see in the image).

note: similarly, you can copy the embedded codes from the other sites too…

Method 2: For wordpress only: There are few plugins to embed in the visual editor directly.

Like: EmbedIt Pro, Insert HTML Snippet & many more…

Method(s) implemented by,

Himanshu Goel